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August 19, 2011

I'm not chopped liver, I'm a winner!

Ok, so I know that I usually do the Friday Confessional bloghop on Friday's but today's confessional will be a bit different.

Why, you ask?  

Y'all did ask right?



Today's confessional is brought on by the way of:

And it was awarded to me by the evah tooo adorable Not so normal mommy.  I already love this girl and I've only known her a short time.  She's a young mommy with three gorgeous kids, including the most adorable newborn baby girl.  A girl truly after my own heart, beins' she has the same amount of kids I did at 22, she fun, free spirited and I can't wait to give her all my useless knowledge on how to make it to my age with out any homicide charges or funny farm visits.  Go check this girl out, she's fabulous.

Now for the rules.  Rules, rules always rules.

  • Thank the giver, and link back to them in your post.  Check!
  • Tell seven things about yourself.  Check....below.
♫  I love music.  I mean LOVE it.  If music were a person, I would have betrothed myself to him when I was three.  I love going to live shows and big concerts.  I listen to it loud, I love it when I can feel it in my chest.  Whew, think it's time to turn on some tunes.
 ♪  I had my first daughter at 16, my second at 20 and my son at 21.  Whoa, right?  But, I did it and I think I did a pretty awesome job.  My oldest girl is now 21, the youngest girl is 17 and a senior in high school this year...................................wiping tears.  Plus, my son is my own personal guardian angel.  I must have done something right to have such a wonderful angel looking over me.  Not to brag, but they're the best kids EVER.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm completely biased or anything.
♫  I didn't get my drivers license until I was 37.  Yeah, that's last year.  It all started when I was 18 and taking that dreaded, written knowledge test, and I tanked it.  SEVEN TIMES I tanked it.  So I gave up, I mean I was already driving right?  Fast forward a couple few bunch of tickets and an OJ type mostly slow speed car chase.  But after years of being completely irresponsible in the aspect of my life, I got my shit together and got my license and insurance.
♪  I could read and write by four.  I don't remember, but I do have proof, through letters I wrote and stories I've heard.  My Grampa used to sit and read the newspaper with me, teach and quiz me on the letters and next thing I know, I'm reading and have had a love affair with words ever since.  Thanks Gramps, that totally makes up for the mustache I'm starting to grow.
♫  I'm bossy.  Not much to add to that, except I'm a mostly polite bossy bitch.
♪  I am a magazine hoarder.  I have a huge collection of magazines.  I call it collection, like it's not really an addiction.  I don't know why, but I keep thinking that someday, I'm going to need a tip, recipe, wise word or sooomething in one of those shiny papered, brightly colored, picture books.  I need help.
♫  I'm thinking of opening an online thrift store.  I've been cleaning out my basement for months years now, and I keep coming up with cool things, that I know my kids don't want, nor do they want to go through all this shit when we die, and The Mister said, "you really could open an entire store with all the stuff we have"        *lightbulb*    Why couldn't I do it, I'm smart enough, I have a ton of inventory and since I'm still unemployed and apply to all the jobs I'm qualified for in about two hours, I have plenty of spare time.  It's at least something to investigate further, right?

Well, if my maths are correct, that's seven.  You know what that means?  That's right. more rules.
  • Give this award to, up to 15 recently discovered bloggers and let them know you did it.  Okay, here they are:
I started following this girl through the Friday Confession Bloghop and have already felt a kinship with her.  Go check her out.  Don't make me get the zombie bunnies outta the dungeon.

Hop on over to this girls blog.  She is chock full of delicious recipes, wit and loads of wisdom.  Go on, give her a click.

This Chick is real.  I love her candor and her honesty and her humor.  In a word.  Bitchin'  go see for yourself.

I only picked three, because I don't wanna overwhelm y'all with blogs on a bloghop friday.

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend.


  1. haha great post. Enjoyed the read!

  2. Ahh! Thanks for the compliments..totally made my day.

    I loved this post. I relate to so much in here. First the magazine have no idea how many magazines I have thrown away in the past month. My dad was a magazine hoarder and he had five bedrooms FULL of stacks of magazines! RIDICULOUS..
    Also.......get rid of stuff. Sitting in my position father was a the man to death but hate his crap. He passed away about 4 months ago and my siblings and I are now trying to get through his seven bedroom farm house and we have no idea where to start. Save your kids the trouble and get rid of it yourself:)
    Happy Saturday!!


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