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August 22, 2011

Yummy Monday

On Friday, while searching through the fridge, I discovered that I had taken both hamburger and hot italian sausage out of the freezer.  Well since it was entirely too hot for lasagna and we'd just had spaghetti, I decided to do something a little different, and since it was so yummy, I thought I'd share.

So I'm gonna be cool and write something here just to see if my mom notices well because I'm mean like that. Ha Ha, just kidding I love my mommy and she's the best. **I want it noted that my 17 year old wrote this, because she very mischievous, but don't worry, she got 15 minutes in the chokey for it.  Just kidding, it was more like a half hour. 

First off, I gotta let you in on a little pre-dinner scare I gave The Mister.

Me:  I'm making something radical for dinner tonight.
Him:  What do you have in your hands.
Me:  Finger nail polish remover and hair color developer, why?
Him:  I can go out to eat.

Now let me tell you it was a total coincidence that I had that stuff in my hands, but boy did it make him wonder.  Bwahahahahaa.

Now, back to our previously scheduled recipe, here's what you'll need:

1 lb.  ground beef
1lb. hot italian sausage
1 c.  grated cheese, I like the Monterrey jack, cause it's yummy.
1/2 c warm cream cheese
5-6 hot cherry peppers, diced.

Mix together the burger and sausage and shape into "hot dog" but making it about as round as a brat and fry them up, making sure that they are completely done in the middle, remember this is pork, although you could use beef sausage.

I'm really into spicing things up in the kitchen lately.

Something about this picture just doesn't seem right to me.
 While you wait for your "dogs" to cook.  Have yourself a glass of wine, you deserve it.

I've also been into sweet red wine lately.
 Now gather the rest of your ingredients and, dice up your peppers, warm up your cream cheese, and grate your cheese.  Also, I like to toss my buns in the nuker for about 20 seconds to soften them up as well.
Pay no attention to the gross grout.  I hate tile.  It is the bane of my kitchen existence.
 Layer them in whichever order you want on the bun.
Those little peppers are amazing.
 Then drop your hot from the pan "dog" on top and cover with ketchup, mustard, relish whatever else you might like.  I'm a plain cream cheese girl myself.

Baked beans, the perfect side dish to almost anything.
And enjoy!

Happy Monday,


  1. mmmm yumm!! and yes that picture does a little wrong. have you tried pink truck? it is delicious and sweet. i bet you'd like it.

    i love wine. xoxo

  2. mmmm...this sounds and looks soo good! I'm totally gonna have to try it now. I'm always down for trying new recipes. That's probably the reason I have over ten cookbooks in my house! I love cooking and baking! It's my thing:)

    P.S. There's always an excuse for wine:)


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