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June 24, 2011

Friday Confessional.


It's Friday and time for a confessional, Mamarazzi style. 

I confess that I've been feeling motivational lately and have completely reorganized half of my kitchen this week, plus rearranged the spare bedroom to fit a corner, curio cabinet.
My new curio cabinet.  Empty.  Pay no attention to the really shabbed out dresser next to it.  That's my next project.

I confess, that I always wanted a curio cabinet.  Ever since I started collecting things.   I don't collect anything in particular, but almost all of my collectibles are shiny or sparkly or strange.  Like me.

I confess I've watched Steel Magnolias five times in the last week.  I don't know why I do it to myself, I cry every damn time I watch it, yet I still watch it every time it's on.

I confess that I'm oh so happy that the kid is out of school.  Now I have full time free labor.  Also, more time to get her more anything.

I confess that I'm very curious of where the new pigeons came from.  I have like three pigeons that have decided to feed at my house.  Five and a half years, I've never seen a pigeon, now I've got The Goodfeathers chillin' in the yard.  It's pretty cool.
One of my three Goodfeathers.

My pigeon looks just like Squit.  Source
I confess that as sad as I am to see my best friends parents house empty.  I'm so very happy that I don't have to help them move anymore.  And I'm totally in love with the curio cabinet they gave me for my efforts.

I confess, I have to go now.  I've got a few boxes of sparkly, shiny, odd things to put in my cabinet.

Have a Rockin' Weekend!!!


  1. That is an awesome cabinet. I would like to have a corner cabinet--the one we have takes up entirely to much space.

  2. Love that movie too!!! Nice cabinet, have fun filling it up!!

  3. Love the curio cabinet!!

    We're all out of school and we're loving it.

    In college we used to watch Beaches every weekend, knowing that we were going to be a bunch of bawl bags when we were done...but still the popcorn and tears abounded...

    Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend!!

  4. love the cabinet!

    who doesn't want to watch steel magnolias? it never gets old.


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