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August 18, 2011

And what makes your horse so high

While going through my email this morning, I came across a email from, blah blah blah, with a question that I hear all the time.  I decided to jump over to the site and check out some of the answers and one woman's answer really disturbed me.  Well to be fair, it was really only a sentence and that was, "Who wants someone making minimum wage raising their children?".


Back it up!

Having the opinion that staying home with your children until they are adults is fine, whatever floats your boat glitter.  Everyone's situation is different and there's tons of women who make this decision every day.  What I didn't like about her comment was.

Who is she to say that people who make minimum wage, don't care?

I'll tell you what.  I've been a stay at home mommy, I've been a working mommy and I've been a full time babysitter and I can honestly say that

A.  Saying we make minimum wage is a huge overstatement.  Most at home babysitters make about $100-$150 a week.  Now I'm not a mathematical genius or anything, but I'm pretty sure for 45 hours a week, this is no where near minimum wage.  

2. Assuming that people care less because they make minimum wage is, well it's just ignorant.  Does that automatically mean that a lower paid babysitter treats your kids with any less loving care than someone who charges $300 a week per child.  Maybe.  I'm sure that there are shitty babysitters that charge lower prices, just as I'm sure that there are shitty babysitters that charge the more expensive fees.

The best thing you can do as a mother, working or not, is love your children when you can.  Make them feel like they are the best thing you ever did.  And always remember, just because someone makes the lowest amount of money there is, doesn't mean that they aren't just as wonderful or maybe even more wonderful than someone who's rolling in dough!

Hopping off soapbox.

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