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May 20, 2014

The year to get in gear.

Woulda look at that, I'm a poet!


This is my year.  I'm claiming it.  This is the year that I figure me out, and hope that once I do that, everything else will fall into place.  Don't get me wrong.  I love myself, and have accepted who I am.  And I'm not looking to change everything about me, but I DO want to make myself better.  I need to adapt a part of me to try...TRY to be more organized, if I'm ever going to make a run at any sort of business, I have to have some sort of system.  Well other than collect papers, then stack in a pile later.  Then collect more papers, then stack in a pile somewhere else, destined to be lost, possibly forever.  I have two filing cabinets, I know HOW to file, but am just to lazy to actually sit there an file them and keep my shit straight.  Now don't get me wrong, I know I am perfectly capable of being organized, and managing my time well.  I do it at work everyday.  I need to tap into that motivation and carry it home with me.  But how?

Ugh.  I guess the same way I would tell anyone else, if they were asking the question to me.
You just do it!

Hmmm, maybe I should make myself shirts that say, "Just Do It"  and "Git er Done".  I bet I could make a fortune off those shirts.  -_-
If affirmation shirts worked, I wouldn't be having this conversation with myself, and you wouldn't have to witness this little bout of schizophrenia.

I'm starting to think that being a Libra, isn't all it's cracked up to be.  
You're balanced they say.  You know what that really means?  
I can't make up my fucking mind.  My head is full of 'but on the other hand's.'  I'm constantly seeing things from different perspectives, which don't get me wrong is kind of awesome sometimes, but it's also a real bitch. 
Libra's also love everything beautiful.  You know what THAT really means?
Yeah sure I'm crafty, but I'm messy as hell.  
When I bake cakes and cupcakes, it looks like a food fight between two 6yo, went on in my kitchen.
Even when I paint a sign, it looks like a classroom of preschoolers, was finger painting all over.  Almost every piece of clothing I own has paint, or glitter glue on it.  My husband looks like he often frequents strip clubs, with the amount of glitter that falls off of him weekly.  At least he looks like a stud to his co workers.  Or desperate.  Whatever.
Annnnnd, we tend to be fair and just.  Do you have any idea how twisted and macabre my imagination is, but my conscience won't ever let me play with it.  I mean don't get me wrong, I'm no Ted Bundy, but I could probably start a pretty large cult if I wanted too.  Not like a "drink the Kool-Aid cult," more of a really big 
commune, where we live on a island and I make all the rules.  


Just kidding I made that last part up for laughs.
Although, I'd be an awesome hippy commune leader.

Back to the issue at hand.  Being a better me, and not getting side-tracked and making jokes.  Maybe that's the thing...I hate seriousness.  It makes me uncomfortable, to the point where I avoid situations all together, to stay away from the anxiety of the uncomfortableness, that resides in my own head.  And that's when we come full circle back to the mental battle of which personality gets controlling stock of the 20% of my brain  that I access.  I need to be more serious in my approach to building better habits, and not laughing it off when I don't achieve my destined-to-fail-because-they're-to-much-too-soon type goals.
I need baby steps, I need consistency, I need perseverance.  
I raised my kids to think like that, why can't I raise myself to think like that?!
I bet I can.  I probably need help though. 

Hmmmm, I definitely have some things to think about.

What do you think???

May 14, 2014

Wow, this place looks familiar.

I know, I've turned into a non existent blogger over the last year.  I'm not quite sure why I dropped off the face of the earth, especially when I really do enjoy writing almost everyday.  I guess I just thought, well I don't know what I thought.  So, I'm gonna try to jump back on the ship and see if I can find my writing groove again.  

I would appear it's been almost exactly four months since I wrote anything.  Holy shit, what the hell man?!  Four months??!!  Last time I was here I told you about my grandson coming into the world.  Well let me tell you, he's cuter today than the last photo I took of him.


Those eyes.  I just can't get over those EYES!!!  Kid's definitely got Grammy's heart already.

I'm also employed again.  YAY!  It's a monotonous job, in a warehouse with no windows and a husband/wife boss team, that will give me looooooooooooots of material to write.  Holy cow!  But we'll get to that in later posts.  I can tell you, that I'm the only other employee there, besides the H/W team, and they definitely add a certain element of stress to the job, that really backs up my theory that married couples should not live AND work together.  But for what they pay me, I can deal.  

In other news, I'm getting pretty good at this cake making thing, and have a pretty busy summer coming up.  I just did my fourth wedding cake, and I have to say, it might be my best one yet.

Purple ombre cake.  All in roses.  This took a bit to make, but it turned out soo good.  Yes, that's me tooting my own horn.  Beep Beep!!!

And on the other foot, I'm trying to get a legit photography business going.  Eventually I want to be a 'one stop shopping' type event service.  I mean, I can perform marriage ceremonies, I bake cakes, and I take pictures. Plus I'm one crafty bitch, and am able to decorate wedding props down to the toasting glasses.  I have a dream, and ultimate dream, and I will make it happen.  Oh yes, I will make it happen!

And on that note, I gotta get ready for work.  

Have an AWESOME day y'all!!!

January 13, 2014

Ohhhhhh Herrrrroooooooooooo Out There!!!

I know, I know, it's been forEVER since I wrote a post, and there's really no justifying it.  We'll just chalk it up to pure laziness and lack of motivation.  I know, shocking news, right???

My life has changed a lot since my last post though, in the form of a new addition to the family.  I'm proud to introduce to y'all....

Leo Alexander.
My very first grandchild and a New Years baby.  After 29 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing they decided to stop torturing my daughter and bring this gorgeous little boy into the world, via c-section.  Look.At.That.Face.  Almost two weeks old and already smiles when you talk to him and reacts soo sweetly when you talk to him.  I might just be in absolute love right now.

My youngest daughter is back at home, brought her boyfriend with her.  The Dude hates it.  Loves having the kid here, not fond of the other kid coming with her, but we're adjusting.  My outlook on the situation is, I have the ability to help mold the probably future dude-in-law into someone that I want my daughter shacked up with.  He just sees it as, a boy in his daughters room.  I get it, I really do, and I don't like it either, but when they move out this time, I want it to be 'for real' and hopefully permanent this time.  And if it takes a little more time in the nest, well be it.

As for me, I've been keeping busy with my cakes, photography and miscellaneous other craft projects.  My newest projects are making signs, wine glass/glass block lights and jewelled wine glasses.

Here's a few shots of the amazing sunrises we've had lately.  Can't even describe how breathtaking they've been.  Pictures don't even do them justice.

Mt. Rainier in all it's glory.

Add caption

Almost a little Kinkaidish here.

Well, it's sounds to me like the animals are getting restless and wanting to be fed, so off I go.

See ya soon.