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September 23, 2013

The beginning of Fall.

With Fall in full swing here, I thought I'd go through some of my summer pictures and share some of my favorites.

This may take a few posts, since I've had an absolutely fabulous summer.

The first set is from my two week adventure with my Grams.  We drove to Colorado and back, using as many back roads as we could fine.  Not only made for a beautiful trip, but gave us plenty of time to bond even closer than before.


One of the many Blue Star Memorial Highways out there.  This one is in Crooked River Gorge, Oregon. 
Bridge at Crooked River Gorge, Oregon.

Brothers School, in Brothers, Oregon.

Somewhere in Idaho.

That's my baby sister.  We stopped for a visit to her...

And my baby brother.

Then to Glenns Ferry, Idaho to reminisce about the good ol' days, of both my Gram's and my childhoods.

Glenns Ferry, Idaho.

A beautiful Osprey nest in Glenns Ferry.

My Grams used to climb this water tower.  Brave one, she is.

Can't remember exactly where, but we were on the way to the Shoshone Falls.

Cool little waterfall.  Just wait, they get bigger.

Pelicans flying above the falls.

The river that the Shoshone falls, fall in to.

The beautiful and breathtaking Shosone Falls in Idaho.

The Four Jacks in Jackpot, NV...Where Grams luck started and mine ended.

Jackpot, Nevada

The clouds just went on and on and on....

I'll be back with another installment of...The Summer of Fun.

Thanks for sticking around.


  1. It was indeed a summer to remember......thank you.

  2. Made me crave road trips again. I think I've gotten toooo domesticated. :)


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