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September 24, 2013

Road Trip, Part II

Wooooooooooo loot at me, two days in a row.  One more and it'll be a streak, eighteen more and I'll be back into my old habit.  Yayyy me!

Here's some more pictures of my beautiful trip to Colorado.

Today's collection is from our travels through the first part of Utah, including the Salt Flats and a few other gems.

Coming up to the Salt Flats.

Boy they weren't kidding, those were some really high winds.

The magnificent Salt Lake.

More of the salt flats.

Nothing like being salt blasted.

Here's a good example of how high and fast those winds were.

Cool piece of art along the flats.

Stopped for the night, just in time to see this beautiful Utah sunset.

Amazing colors.

I'll end here today, and be back with some pics of the Arches Natl. park tomorrow.  Hope ya stick around.

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