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November 12, 2012

Holy Hell-O

Okay, okay I know it's been a couple months since I've been here, but don't give up on me, I'm really trying to make a comeback.  And to celebrate my comeback I'm gonna steer y'all to a super cool Christmas Card Swap, because let's face it.  Who doesn't love sending and getting Christmas cards, to tape to you walls???  I know it can't just be me. So if ya wanna play along just go here.

Somewhere Over the Camo

You only have a few days left to make the deadline, so get yer asses over there.

Now, onto what the hell has been keeping me away from my beloved blog, that I so madly fell in love with.

Laziness...Well that's part of it.  Also, I've been in a funk for a minute or two....or a thousand.  Life changed so much after the accident, that I don't think I've ever really given myself the time to really grasp the situation, I've just been doing what needs to be done.  And then there's the fact that D, my younger, has almost completely moved out.  She comes back one day a week, but to me, that's just not nearly enough, and she lives like 20 minutes away, which doesn't sound like much, but I have HUGE driving anxiety these days, especially at night, so it feels like she moved a million miles away.  On a happier note,  L, the oldest is moving closer to me after the first of the year, so I'm loving that.  Hopefully D will move closer to me, in July when her and her bf's lease is up.

My gf Squish, that was the driver in the accident I was in, is doing well, well mostly.  She's still in the nursing/rehab home, which she HATES, understandably.  She's walking over a thousand feet a day, and has even conquered going up two stairs, YAY!!!  And she can stand on her own to get out of bed, into her wheelchair and can even go for car rides.  I went and surprised her with an outing the other day, so she could go see her son, J sing in his very first school program for the Veterans.  She goes back to the doc in a couple days, and hopefully we will know an actual release date.  It's been almost four months since the wreck and she's still not home yet.  We're hoping for a Thanksgiving homecoming, but she seems unsure that that's an option now.  That really sucks, I know how badly she wanted to be out to make her own Turkey Day dinner.

Let's move on to something happier.  I know...How about some pictures.  Pictures are always fun!!!

A cake I made for my friends daughter.  Monster High theme.
Woke up one morning to take a picture of the yellow sunrise, turned around and saw a cute little rainbow.

Mountain sunrise a few days later.

And a few days after that.

My girls and my boy, on his birthday.

The football cake I made for Jagger's birthday.  He loved it.

Face for Halloween party a few days before Halloween.

Me and Jagger all dressed up for Halloween night.

Okay now, don't forget to sign up for the Christmas Card Swap, stick with me I'll see ya soon!!!

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