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July 17, 2012

When you make the right choice, and it still doesn't help.

Hey peeps out there in blogland, how is you're Tuesday going.  Mine is sore, but I'll get to that in a minute.  Right now I gotta tell ya to go hook up with my girls IA, who's having a horrible month, you poor thing.  I hope you get better soon, and then take a trip to the beach with Shawn to relax.  Then link up with them. It's just that easy.

Now, for the good stuff.  And by good stuff, I mean horrible, horrible things.  
This was my weekend.

Friday night started out with The Mr. bringing one of his loud co-workers over.  I don't mind that they're loud or even that they stay here for hours, it's that all they talk about is work.  UGH!!!  It's not a wonder that he thinks the weekends are getting shorter, he spends half of it, talking about the place he cant wait to get a break from.  Sheesh.  Boys.....I'll never understand em'.
So, after The Mr. goes to bed me and D decide were going to the watch the newest episode of our new favorite show, The Newsroom, when I get a call from a strange number.  I don't answer.  What?  It was after 11pm and my phone was waaaaaay over there, so then a few seconds go by and somebody left a message.  So I grab my phone, call voicemail, and find that my girl KT, is down at the bar and needs me NOW!!!  So, I get up, get dressed, put on a light layer of war paint and head out.  I get to the bar, where she was attending a bachelorette party, to find out that she got a ride there, and Happy, her Mr., was not answering his phone, and he is her DD for the night.  So I sit with her for a little bit longer, dance a little bit, hang out with friends, and just when were getting ready to leave....That's right, Happy shows up, looking like he just rolled out of bed, because he had, and took my drunken KT home.  I then offered anyone else a ride from a DD, nobody took me up on it, so I went home and went to bed.

Then comes Saturday, when I'M the one in need of a DD, since we are going to a BBQ with some friends, my BFF Squish, who's taking blood thinners and can't drink, offers to be my DD.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  We go to the BBQ, have a total blast, playing pool, having Jello shots, and just being with our amazing friends and having a good time.  
There's Squish up front making a kissy face, me, D, Bos, are in the back.
Notice how much the dogs like whoever is at the food table?  Hmmm odd.
We continue to these good times until around 1:30 am, then decide, we need to go home.  We're tired, I quit drinking a while ago, so my buzz has faded, which means I'll be ready for night night within the next 45 minutes.  So we left.

On the way home we were still gabbing about how much of a good time we had.  Squish's boy had fallen asleep and now it was just Squish, D and I shooting the breeze, when all of a sudden....
We come around a curve, and see what appears to be an oncoming car, in our lane about a half mile down the road.  Since we're on a 50 mph highway, at first we think, 'he must be passing, he'll get over', and then he doesn't.  Squish at this point is left with the decision to flip her car in a ditch, or try to make it to a nearby driveway, or get hit head on.  She's frantically honking her horn and flashing her lights, but the guy in the car, was just.....well I don't know WHAT the hell he was.  She reaches the driveway and as soon as she get's an inch of the front tire onto the gravel, we were hit head on.

Now, when they tell you that your life flashes before your eyes in a case like this...They are full of shit!  The only thing that was running past my eyes was, "please don't let us die, right now", over and over and over.  I managed to get out, and get Squish's boy and D out, but unfortunately, Squish was  trapped in the car by the door.  I ran around the car to try and open her door, searching for that 'there's a car on my baby' strength, and just couldn't find it, moments later the emergency crew was there, cutting her door off with the jaws of life, and D, J and I are sitting the yard 40' feet away listening to her scream as they pull her out.  D, J and I came away with minor injuries.  We're all sore, and I'm banged and scraped, but we're amazing compared to Squish, who suffered a broken wrist, forearm, ankle, femur and today she is scheduled for a six hour surgery to try and piece together her shattered hip.  She is stuck in the hospital for a minimum of 4-6 weeks, and right now she's heavily sedated in ICU.

Here's a few pics of my injuries.
My knee

Inside of my thigh.

My lower stomach.

Under my boob and torso.

Air bag burn on my nose.

We are told that the driver that hit us, was suspected of being intoxicated and suffered a broken arm.  At this point, I don't even know his name, or anything about him.  What I do know is, that in the blink of an eye, dozens of lives were changed by one wrong choice, and the person most afflicted by this wrong choice, was the person that made the right choice, by being a DD.  So if any of you out there have some extra prayers and good thoughts.  My girl Squish could surely use them.


  1. My thought are with her--hope she comes through with flying colors!

  2. Holy cow! That is scary! I have teen drivers at home... 2... and we have 2 more coming up the ladder. These types of stories are why I have ulcers.
    I hope you ALL recover quickly!

  3. OMG!!!! Soooo scary! Im glad you all are okay, I hope your friends comes out better then ever! My mom always said, I trust you, I just dont trust the other drivers....Then I got a DUI and she was like I TRUST NO ONE! SMH! Never ever have i driven after drinking again!

    Hope you all have a speedy recovery!


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