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December 17, 2012

Finding logic through tragedy. CAUTION: OPINION POST!

First off, let me say this;

Hi, it's been awhile, I know.  Been busy with the kid and life and and and.....
So, since this is my first post in quite a while, I figured that I would make it a controversial one.  You now me.

Second, let me say this;

My heart goes out to anyone that has lost someone due to senseless violence such as the recent events.  As someone who has lost a child, I know how devastating it can be, and as someone whose brother was shot, twice due to retaliation of being kicked out of a party, I can tell you that it's equally as devastating, when someone you love is injured.  No one ever wants their loved ones hurt, or taken, and I feel for all the families affected by the injury or loss of a loved one.

Third and final thing, before I get to the real thing;

This is my opinion, not yours.  I'm not speaking for ANYONE other than myself.  I'm not trying to sway to you MY WAY of thinking.  Your reactions will in no way make me feel A. Validated or 2.  Ashamed of my opinion, because it is just that, MY opinion.  I'm simply writing on MY blog, how I feel about the recent tragedies and the vastly different opinions being thrown around by lots of people I know.  Most of them to my face, or on my FB.  I try to not start anything on FB, because, well, I believe people are entitled to their own thoughts...And without further ado, here's mine.

Over the last few days, I've heard a plethora of opinions regarding the Oregon mall shooting and the Connecticut school shooting.  Everything from, take away guns, to arm EVERYONE!  I've heard, 'stop glorifying the situation' in regards to the media, and 'I hope he burns in hell' from people, who every other day, preach forgiveness.  So many things to consider, so many people angry, so few people who realize something.  This isn't new.  This isn't a gun problem.  This isn't a time to blame a weapon, it's a time to take a look at the person wielding said weapon.  

I wonder how many people heard about the knife wielding guy in China, who on Thursday, injured 22 children and an elderly woman, as she walked them to school?  None of those kids died, so of course, it wasn't a big thing on the news.  In fact, it took me almost 10 minutes of news stories on my phone to even find it.  No one was holding a gun, so it wasn't worthy of a headline, or breaking news.  But I bet all of those kids and that woman's family, all felt the same heartache and panic as the people in OR and CT.
The knife wasn't the issue.

Andrea Yates killed her five children with her own strength and water. 
Water wasn't the problem here. 

Ted Bundy used charm and usually asphyxiation or a blunt object to kill his  victims.
Charm is not the culprit.  

I could go on and on and on, throughout the history of time, back to the days of King George or Caligula and site examples of how weapons can be made from ANYTHING.  
That's not my point, well it kind of is, but I think the bigger issue is, mental health.  What drives a person use a gun, or knife on helpless children?  What makes someone look at their beautiful children, then take their lives away from them?  What makes a person gain your trust, then use it against you to take your life.  

It's called psychosis.  It's an actual medical condition, it's not just some unresolved childhood issues that's making you angry enough to throw a glass against the wall, or verbally lash out at someone, even though they may not deserve it.  No, this is, wires-aren't-connecting, severe-chemical-imbalance of the brain.  So, I say, instead of banning guns, or arming everyone, why don't we try paying attention to those around us.  Our friends, our family and even our enemies.  Pay attention to their behavior.  I don't just mean what they say, but their body language.  You can tell so much from peoples body language, but most of us just go through life paying attention to what we 'have' to instead of seeing the whole picture.  We go through life thinking we're all safe little babies, wrapped up in our own security of 'nothing like that happens in my town' until something like that happens in your back yard.  Then, we feel devastated for a while, but then forget what devastated us until it happens again, and again and again.   

I guess my Christmas wish for the world is awareness.  I hope everyone can now be aware, that terrible things like this happen and will continue to happen, because there's a gross oversight as to the real problem behind all of this senseless violence.  Be aware that bad things and bad people are ALWAYS going be around, and that NONE of us are safe from harm coming to us, and we shouldn't EVER wait for a tragedy, like the ones I mentioned to take the time to appreciate what we have!!!

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now. 
I'll be back with a jollier post before Christmas, I promise!!!


  1. I just could not agree with you more! Thank you for having the guts to say that! I mourn for these families who lost their babies and their loved ones, but I also mourn for the family of Adam...I cannot fathom how they must feel....the loss, the guilt.....there just aren't the right words to say here, so I thank you for getting up on your soapbox.

  2. I sat there nodding my head as I read this, because I think you've hit the nail on the head. I read a story yesterday somewhere titled "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" - it was written by a woman who has a mentally ill teenaged son, and she fears every day for what he might do. He's gifted intellectually, and is a lovely boy most days, but some days reason leaves his eyes and he flips a switch, threatening her, threatening his siblings, and threatening his own life. She takes him to the hospital, they instutionalize him for a few days, and then they send him home with a medication that never works. When exploring her options on how to gain control of this situation, she discovered that most mentally ill people end up in prison. How is that helping anyone? There needs to be a better system; a better way for parents to help their children who have psychosis. They need help, and apparently they're just not getting it.
    My heart aches for the people of Newtown.


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