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August 29, 2012

Would you rather.....

Hey y'all, happy Wednesday.  Head on over to Mamarazzi and Crazymama's pages and play one of my favorite games,  Would you rather???   I love these kind of hypothetical games, it gets your wheels really turning, and helps you discover some odd things about yourself.  So come hook up with us and play along.  

Today's questions are....

Would you rather....Never be able to look at yourself in the mirror again, or always get dressed in total darkness???
Well, since I look like I already get dressed in total darkness, I'll have to go with that one.  I love mirrors.  I didn't used to, I used to hate my body and everything about it, but I've learned to love me and everything about me, including my amazing reflection.  Besides, if I get dressed, and look hideous, I can go back into my 'dark' room and try again.

Would you rather...Receive $50 a day for the rest of your life or $50,000 right here and now???
Oh hell, that's easy, gimme fifty grand in full, right now.  I can find a way to make fifty dollars a day, but I doubt I'll ever get the chance to know what holding fifty grand cash is like.  Wait....this is tax free, right???

Would you rather...Have extreme narcolepsy or have a bad case of tourette's???
ShitFuckDamn...I think I already have tourette's.   Or just possibly a very defective filter...

Would you rather...Be able to rewind 24 hrs 3 times a year or consciously control your dreams?
Sweet victory, gimme them dreams.  If I could rewind, drastic things could've probably changed in my life, that I really wouldn't want changed, in the long run.  My dreams, however, ROCK!!!

Would you rather...Be fluent in every language around the world or be the best in the world in a category of your choosing?
OOOooo, you know what they say, variety is the spice of life.  Lemme know them all.  I would rule the world!

What about you, what would you rather do or have???  


  1. I think everyone is in agreement with the first question this week.

  2. Yep. Definitely. We can all deal with a dark room (mine's already kind of a bat cave anyways), but life without a mirror is a horrible idea - whether we like the reflection or not!

    I would loooove to know what it feels like to hold $50,000...

  3. Love it! My husband's "pet" name for me is Touretta. My filter is definitely defective.


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