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August 22, 2012

Being ill blows!!!


Woooohooo, look at me, blogging two days in a row and stuff.  Figured I'd jump on the WWTK bandwagon again this week, come and join the fun with Mamarazzi and Crazymama *who I'm hoping a speedy recovery for* and see how we get down with the sickness.

1. If you are sick in bed how do you entertain yourself? TV, books, sleep?  Yes, yes and yes, plus my phone.  I have to stay connected you know, and I don't have a laptop, so my phone becomes my link to the outside world.  I think The Mr.  may have to get me a shiny tablet this year for my birthday.

2. Do you share your medical drama with the world or keep it to yourself?  I guess I range somewhere in the middle.  I very rarely go to doctors, so I wouldn't even really know if something was wrong with me, and my husband didn't know I was in a head on accident until I came home from the hospital nine hours later, so I don't know what I am.  

3. Do you pray, send healing thoughts, hugs or good vibes to friends when they are ill or sad?  I don't know if I'm 'sending' thoughts, but when I think about people who need positive thoughts, I think positive things about their future.  I don't really pray that they'll get better, I just think about them being better.  

4. If someone offers to bring in dinner to you or your family, do you let them?  Absolutely, even if I'm not sick.  Bring it on.  Want my address???

5. If you could ask for any meal or treat when you were sick/sad/healing, what would it be?   Pizza and Phish Food ice cream from B&J's.  I could live off those two items alone.

I'm hoping to go for day three tomorrow.  See if I can't get consistent again, since I'm approaching my two year bloggerversary.  I'm thinking I should have a give away, or a contest, or a something....

But for now.....back to wedding arrangements.


  1. Ooh id like a new tablet as well!! It would be awesome laying in bed playing on it. Love me some b&J's ;)

  2. I love my phone to stay connected it saved me. Thanks for the good vibes and speedy recovery. I'm doing better glad to move on.

    I love pizza and half baked from b&j. Great minds think alike.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. You didn't let your husband know that you were in a head-on collusion for 9 hours! Was he on the other side of the world?


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