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April 16, 2012

Music...It's what moves me.

So since Monday starts with M and so does music, and I've been wanting to do a music portion on my blog for a while now, I figured I'd kill a couple birds with one bat.  Let's face it, I suck at throwing rocks. and I like to his as many things as I can with one swing, so let me introduce you to...

Music Monday. 
****clapping and cheering****

Maybe sometime soon I'll be able to come up with some sort of cool little logo for it, but for now, this works.  This is where I will share my loooove and sometimes hate for music, it's a complicated relationship, but I'd die without it.



Today I would like to share with you one of my first loves.  This is one of the first songs that I can remember obsessing over.  I was probably six or so, with my grandmas big headphones on, with the stereo cranked to:    
Dolly Parton - Jolene

I love this song.  I love Dolly.  Amen!

Then a girl named Mindy Smith came along and redid it.  And even though, Miss Dolly herself, was in the video, and I liked the video.  I did not approve of the remake of the song itself.  At all...

Then, another of my favorite bands did it, and let me tell you how terrified I was to give it a listen...  Then without a choice.  I was in love with this version by The White Stripes.  I love his voice with this song, and the way they put an edginess to it.  Give it a listen, you just might like it.

I love how a song from my childhood has made it through the years, and inspired so many different artists to creatively twist a timeless classic.

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  I can't wait for next weeks.

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