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May 2, 2012

Warning: Do not drink jug wine, while Facebooking.

Do you know what's harder than starting a whole new schedule?

Going back to the schedule that you had, prior to the new schedule.

I can't believe it's already been a month since my unfortunate and unexpected departure from my workplace, and I think it's okay to talk about it, since I've decided to not even try to get my job back there, or anywhere until D Graduates.  Her graduation is more important, than a job for me right now, plus, there's the planning of A's wedding in August, sooooooooo a job for me is put on hold for a minute.

Here's how I got fired, and why FB and Carlo Rossi jug wine do not mix.

Allow me to set the scenario for you,  I'm home from work, sitting on my exercise ball.  It's about 12:30 am and I'm on my second glass of Carlo Rossi Sangria in hand.  Now keep in mind when I say glass, I of course mean a pint size mason jar, and well Carlo, he comes from a jug.  It looked something similar to this.

At least it was a small jug in the picture.

I'm sitting in front of my computer, and a co-worker had posted that she only had seven days at work left and then she would be free.

Then came a few comments, including one that said "Now if you just tell J*** to F*** Off you be among the legends."  J*** may or may not be the VP of our company.  Now comes my comment, which read, "If you do tell J*** to F*** Off, please for the love of all that is awesome, record it."  To which she replied she probably wouldn't, to which I replied "Just a simple F*** Off and a who's coming with me, Half Baked style, would be amazing."

I would then be called into the office three days later, 15 minutes after we had a "New company policy" meeting, that told us all about the "no work talk allowed on social networking sites", and was told, that due to my comments on FB that they were, in fact, breaking up with me.  They did tell me however, that if I wrote J*** an apology letter, that maybe 6-9 months down the road I would be eligible for re-hire.  Both my supervisor and general manager said they would back me up, if I asked for my job back, because they both know, I rocked at it, but I don't know if I can go back to the catty, high-school mentality, that is my former workplace.  I've already been offered a job that will be starting right around the same time that D graduates, and I think I might hold out for that.  I know that I'll have to deal with assorted drama and corporate politics everywhere I go, and now I get to know what NOT to do, when I work for anyone else.

Plus, it's been really hard to write a letter to my former VP that doesn't contain the word douchebag in the first paragraph.  It would be a lot easier, if I had ever had any respect for him, but during my six months at that company, he did nothing to show me that he deserved it.  He didn't even know who I was, until someone brought this little FB issue to his desk.  

And I'm glad he never got to try one of my cupcakes.

So for now, I'll just wait, and continue to plan out my dreams of being a big time caterer with her own TV show on a food channel somewhere.

Now off to my domestic duties.  Yeehaw!

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