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December 27, 2011

Is there anybody.......out there?

Seriously, when I woke up this morning, I really thought it was Monday.  Thanks to Miss, Broken By HellMart Again, Impulse Addict and her Super Awesome Cohort, Seriously Shawn  we have a time to just chit chat, then go link up, and instead of us just talking to ourselves, were talking with other wonderful ladies, and maybe a few guys, maybe.

Sooooooooo, let me catch you up on how life has been.  

I know I've told y'all of the trials and tribulations of our new purchased snowmobile, right?  Well yesterday The Mr. finally got to take his, we've owned it for over a month, he's ridden it once, caught it on fire, and it's been in the shop til last Friday, snowmobile out for a fun time yesterday.  The fear of it spontaneously combusting was so real for me, that my girls and I bought him a handy dandy little fire extinguisher for Christmas.  I mean, you can't set TWO different snowmobiles fire, on TWO different occasions, and NOT expect for people to think that it just might be you.  But, he did go, he did have fun, and he sure didn't catch on fire, which pretty much rocks.

Today is Tuesday, which means I'll be jumping around from topic to topic with absolutely no rhyme, reason or logical order at all.  I know it doesn't seem abnormal for me, but today I have an excuse.

My oldest started school to be a medical biller a few days before Christmas and I couldn't be more proud of her.  She's always been a 'take charge of my life' girl, and it's made her into one helluva 'take charge of my life' woman.  I'm so very proud of her and even though she feels a bit overwhelmed, I know she'll succeed with style and grace, well at least style, she's about as graceful as her mommy.

Let's break this blog up with a picture or two shall we?
This is the ever breathtaking Mt. Rainier, on Christmas Eve.

Nice thing about being a passenger?  Taking pictures like this.

A picture of the valley from our hill.  Yes, I'm a hillbilly.
Here's a snippet of a conversation I had with The Mr., while we were watching the football countdown show on Sunday.  It just goes to show you the logic of a what I like to call, mine.

Guy on TV:  It's like he wants his cake and eat it too.
Me:  Why would you have a cake if you weren't going to eat it?
The Mr.:  You're confused, it means they want to eat their cake, and they want to have their whole cake too.
Me:  Well.....Why the hell don't they just bake two cakes?
The Mr.:  ::::::::::::::blank stare with cricket sound::::::::::::
Me:  It makes sense right?  You put in the effort to make that extra cake, you should get to keep one to stay pretty right?
The Mr.:  :::::::::::::::continuous blank stare::::::::::::::
Me:  Right?
The Mr.  Yes honey, I guess that's right.

Ok, I suppose I should let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives, but before I go, I just gotta tell ya that you should totally go link up with my lovely lady friends above, and get to know some other lovely ladies along your blogging travels.

Love, peace and chicken grease.


  1. Those are the prettiest pictures! I really love the one of Mt. Rainier, absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Great pictures and I love the conversation with your Mr. But my favorite thing about visiting your blog today is reading your profile, that is some funny shiz!

    Thanks for linking up, have a happy and safe New Year!

  3. Those pics are awesome! I miss the snow.

  4. Thanks for that awesome introduction! That's greatness!

    Oh, my Mr. has a snowmobile back home in Michgian (his home..not mine). We get to ride it once a year and I'm happy to report that we've never caught it on fire.

    Ok, those pics are beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up! I'm off to read what made Shawn laugh about your profile!


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