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January 3, 2012

Wooooooohooooo to a New Year!

Happy Happy New Year to all you crazy, wonderful people out there.  I can't wait to get this year started and put the last year to bed, somewhere in the back of my head.  Yes, plenty of awesome things happened last year, but I'm all about the present and future.

It seems that Tuesday's seem to be my 'go to' day for blogging, mostly because of my mad love for Miss Impulse and Miss Shawn and their wonderful, rebelicious no rules blog hop.  Go check em out.  They're totally rad.

But first, let's chat, shall we?  
I spent my NYE with my best girls, Jen and Kate and their munchkins, oh and Kate's husband, blah blah blah, was there too.  We had a variety of spirits, and I think I tried them all.  Fireball, wine, vodka and a teensy bit of champagne made for a whopping headache the next day, lemme tell ya, but I did manage to stay mostly sober and totally manageable all night.  We were supposed to go into the hot tub, but somehow when the kids got out of it, they turned off the heat, so when we went to jump in, after midnight, in out bathing suits, the water was a cool 80*.  Fine, if it was 105* outside, but not so fine when it was 40*, so we just drank more instead.

Ohhh, and I made a cake for it.  It was purdy.
Happy New Years!

I had fun with this cake.
Then  two days later, two weeks after my oldest's birthday, I finally made her cake.  
Wanna see it?
A pink cake for a pink kinda kid.

See a pattern here?
I made no resolutions this year, just gonna try and keep going towards that five year plan I've been working on.  And maybe have some more fun. And enjoy the fact that I will have not one, but two kids graduating this year.  The older will graduate in August from college where she is studying to become a medical biller, and my younger, who will be, sniff sniff, graduating, sob sob, high school, bawl bawl.  It's going to be a seriously emotional summer this year.

Ugh, I just looked at the clock and realized it's almost work time.  For some reason, all of a sudden 12 days off just doesn't seem like it was enough.

I won't be back tomorrow.  I have a self written, honey-do list that starts early, and goes until work time.  But Thursday, that's MY day.


  1. You're a cake-bakin' fool i tell ya! I've cut off sugar for now and I'm literally drooling at BOTH of those cakes!

    Well, think of it this way, AT LEAST THEY'RE GRADUATING! Can I get an amen?

    Have fun with the honey-do list and thanks for linking up with us and for the shout out! =)

  2. Your cakes are gorgeous! And yay to kids graduating! A whole new life is unfolding! Cannot wait to see what lies ahead of you!

  3. those cakes are super cute!! i especially love the PINK one!!

  4. Great now I want cake, thanks!

    My oldest is turning 18 this summer and will be a senior next year, I'm hot on your heals my friend!

    Thanks for loinking up, IA and I appreciate it!


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