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December 14, 2011

You gotta fight, for your right, to PAAAAAARTY

Will someone please tell me when the hell December got here.  And why do they say 'time flies when you're having fun', well time sure is a flyin', but I'm slacking on the fun part...


I have found a few times recently to kick up my heels and throw back a few, but for the rate at which time is flying, not nearly enough.

Although some good things are going on.  I got hired on as a permanent employee of my job.  Yayayay!  No more temp service for me, hello raise and new benefits.  Husband went back to work for his union job, Yayayay, to not losing medical and gaining savings again....Oh wait....Saving have to wait because.  Husband got his snowmobile, he caught it on fire the first time he rode it, then it went to the shop, then he rode a friends snowmobile and caught that one of fire, and now that one is in the shop, and now were paying for repairs for 3, yes 3 snowmobiles to be fixed, and no my maths are fine, he's paying for one he broke last year to be fixed as well.  I told my kids they get snowmobile they never get to see or ride for Christmas this year.

But I'm not bitter.

I've been so busy, that my love for blogging has been stifled by the responsibilities of life.

But I'm here now, and while I'm here I'm gonna turn this into a We Want To Know Wednesday, so go link up with the ladies, QuesoMamarazzi and CrazyMama and let us know how you Paaaaaaaaaaaarty.


Time for a little Q&A

1. Are you a party person? Or do you prefer an intimate gathering with just a few friends?
Ha, define a few, because in our crew, few, is more than five sets of two.  I'm sorry, this time of year makes me watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and that makes me rhyme.  Seriously though, our small preferred gathering usually consist of about 15-25 people and that just enough for me.

2. Would you rather be a guest at a party or the hostess with the mostess?
Guest/Party planner/Caterer but no host.  I'm not sure in what realm that makes sense, but I'll cook and help plan, and I'll even entertain for you.   But, at your house.

3. What is your favorite party food or drink? (I'd love to see the recipe!)
Ooo, I have two, let me share them with you.  See, can't help myself.
First one is super easy, cut a package of bacon into thirds, lengthwise, wrap each third piece of bacon around a lil' smokie, put it in a baking dish, cover it generously with brown sugar and bake until bacon is done and brown sugar is melted over it.  OMG you'll love it.

The other one is easy too.  Get a pound of sweet hot Italian sausage, cook it up, then melt a package of cream cheese into it, with a cup of grated cheese of your choice, I like sharp myself, mix that all up, and fill uncooked jalapenos that have been halved, length wise, and scraped out.  Then you bake those at 350 until bubbly and golden.  Again, heaven in your mouth.

4. What is the best party you've ever been to?
Easy, any camping trip, from any summer, from any age in my life.

5. What is your favorite party game?
Hahahahahaha.  Drunken charades.  And not the charades where you have a game board pieces or anything official.  No, we make up our own, people, movies and phrases ourselves, establish absolutely NO rules, and just take turns acting like idiots for two minutes hoping someone actually connects with us enough to guess what the hell were doing.  By far my favorite, followed closely by the name game.  That's another good time right there.

Now back to the real world of responsibility and other adult type crap!

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  1. Oh, I didn't mention this in my post, but you reminded me of it. We used to play porno pictionary at parties! Great drunken fun!


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