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November 2, 2011

We want to know Wednesday, Holiday Edition.


Woooohoooo, made it to Wednesday.  That means the work week is half over, and I get to take a break from the housework to answer a few questions.  Thanks to MamarazziQueso and Crazymama for hosting this wonderful, housework avoider, these girls really know what's up.  Go link up with them and meet some new bloggy peeps.  I'm not sure how I survived life before I met some of these wonderful people.

Today's Holiday Edition is brought to you by, Crazymama, go check her out, she's awesome.

1.  How did you celebrate Halloween? Trick or treating? Adult party? Trunk or treat?
Since Halloween was on a work night for me, I decided to attend my first ever Halloween party.  I had a blast and you can totally read about it here.  I was dressed to the hilt in full Day of the Dead makeup, and not to toot my own horn on how well I did it, but, BEEP BEEP!  I hated that I had to miss Halloween night with my daughter, but at 17 she was happy to spend the evening with her friends.
Sorry if you're sick of seeing this picture, and I'm not normally conceited, but I could look at this all day.
2. What candy is your favorite/the first thing you steal from the kids?
What???  Me, steal candy from kids?????   Of course I do, hahaha.  First thing I take is Mounds and Almond Joy's, then Three Muskateers, and if I'm still hankering for something, I steal the Twix's.  Holy hell that made me sound greedy, but I think the need to test it all for poisoning is very selfless of me.

3.  What kind of candy do you give out, is it your favorite? or something you know you won't be tempted to eat?
Where we live, we haven't had a trick-or-treater in six years, but when I did, I always had an assortment of chocolate, sours, salts and suckers.  I'm awesome to my trick-or-treaters, it totally had nothing to do with what I wanted.  Okay, maybe a little.  Fine, a lot.  

4.  How soon after Halloween do you take down decorations and put away costumes?
Generally my costumes come from my closet, so I just put them back on the hanger and that's that.  This year, we had no decorations.  Sad, sad, sad.  Usually I go all out with the decorating, but this year has been kind of crazy, so I didn't get around to it, but when I do, they come down the next day and the Thanksgiving/Fall decorations come out.

5.  When do you decorate for the next holiday?
I like to decorate at least two three weeks before any "decoration worthy" holiday, that way I can assess any bare spots and immediately fill them with the appropriate items. 

Now, go link up with your answers.

Oh and have a super awesome and fantabulous day!!! 


  1. ooooh the makeup is fabulous!! FABULOUS!! i am so glad you avoided the housework with a Q&A, we are here for ya doll. every week, just like clockwork!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE the makeup KUDOS. you are GORGEOUS! work it lady!

    i like all those candies.

    you are awesome too.

    thanks for linking up.

  3. I say your makeup job is totally over-exposure worthy! Are your eyes really that green in real life? I'm a little pissed at you for mentioning candy when I just re-started Weight Watchers, but I'll get over it. Mainly because I too have kid candy booty to steal...


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