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October 24, 2011

That's shocking!

When I was eight years old, I had a shocking experience.


A childhood friend and I, had been playing outside in the mud.  When we came in the house, my mom promptly stripped us down, and threw us in the bathtub.  Now, on any other day this would have been absolutely harmless, but this wasn't any other day.

You see, when my mom ran our water, she had failed to notice the plugged in blow dryer, that was sitting atop the towel rack, and covered by the towel on said towel rack.

So there we were, Sissy and me, playing in our bubbles, splashing around, doing what kids do in the tub.  When all of a sudden little ol' me got some soap in my eyes, and reached up to grab the towel above my head, pulling not only the towel into the tub, but, that's right, the blow dryer.

Unable to control myself, due to the trillion watts of  electricity, I quickly sank under the water, flailing about uncontrollably.  Sissy was lucky enough to be positioned on top of the unluckier me, who was now being kicked in the stomach and chest, repeatedly.  Thankfully, Sissy was out of the water enough to scream for my mom, who was eight months pregnant with my younger sister.  She came barreling in, mostly because she thought we were splashing and screaming for fun, saw the blow dryer in the tub, and did what any completely freaked out parent would do.

She tried to pull us out of the water.

It took her two times doing this to realize that she couldn't do it.  She then wrapped her hand with a towel and yanked the plug out of the wall, and continued to pull our now limp bodies out of, The Death Water.  I don't remember much about, the actual electrocution, but I do remember that I was paper white for about three days after, and I had two, almost white streaks, that grew out of the underneath of my hair for about five years.

Since then, I've had the power to shut down computers with the touch of my hand, I create static electricity out of thin air, giving me the power to shock unsuspecting innocents, even when I don't want to and I'm terrified of electricity, aaand although I love to watch lightening, I always do it from inside....something.  And my heart palpitates, at least every other day.

My younger sister, we'll call her Powder, has also experienced some shocking side effects.  While driving to my Grams' house one night, her car was struck by lightening, and once, while pushing a patient in a wheelchair, she turned on a light switch with a slightly damp hand, and was not only brought to her knees, but was admitted to the hospital for the night, with an irregular heartbeat.

I don't much remember what happened to Sissy after than.  I imagine her parents probably banned her from us after that day.  I mean, we almost killed their daughter, but it's not like we did it on purpose.

I wonder if this is why I don't blow dry my hair.  Or bathe.

Just kidding, I totally blow dry my hair.


  1. I had totally forgot about that....that explains your electric personality. <3<3<3

  2. holy shit girl. i'm glad you are ok!! what an experience.


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