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September 7, 2011

What the holiday?!

Woooohoooo Wednesday.  This day is bittersweet for me.  It's WWTK Wednesday, so that's obviously a plus, but it's also the first day of school for my younger, who is a Super Senior this year.  OMG, did I just type that out loud?  A senior???  I'm going to go curl up and die now.

Okay, I'm back and still somewhat conscience.  Don't forget to head over to Mamarazzi's House or Alicia AKA Queso's House to link up and share with everyone for..........................


Today's questions are brought to you by Queso, because she's awesome, and they are:

1. What is your favorite holiday?
Halloween.  I love everything about this holiday.  The cute kids all dressed, the chance to dress like a gypsy without anyone judging me, the people that make their houses super scary to scar our children for life.  And oh yeah THE CANDY!!!  The next day, when it's the day of the dead, I like that too.  I love the thought of celebrating your dead loved ones in such a macabre yet colorful way, plus I'm like {thismuch} Mexican, so I feel like I'm getting back to my roots.

2. Do you have any fun holiday traditions? What are they?
Baking and candy making.  Every year, the childrens and I will make a shit ton of candy, cookies and other various sweets, with the intention of handing out tins of them to all our lovely family, but what really happens is we eat it before it makes it to anyone.  I love this tradition.

3. When do you start Christmas shopping?
December 22.  What???  Have I ever told you about my procrastination issues.  No?  I'll tell ya later.  No, but really, that's usually about the time I start and finish.  I do however, start making lists of what I'm getting in November.  And this year, I already have a couple few items.  Shhhh, don't tell, k?

4. What is your favorite holiday food?
Yes..................................Oh wait, I have to pick one.  Prime rib roast.  That shit is too expensive to eat any other time but Christmas, which I think is why it's my fav, that and it's got lots fat on it.  I'm all about the fat.

5. Share a favorite childhood holiday memory
Going to Grams and Gramp's house for Christmas.  They had 7 kids, and those 7 kids have done a pretty good job of giving me tons of cousins to have fun with on Christmas.  I miss all of us getting together, before everyone spread out all over the place and started their own traditions.  I miss Gramps playing Santa and handing out the presents to everyone, I miss the 12 kiddie tables all over the downstairs, hell, I even miss the holiday fighting.

6. Have you ever actually tried fruitcake??
I totally ♥ fruitcake.  The food and my family type.

What about you?



  1. Love doing Prime Rib for Christmas--turkey for Thanksgiving is OK, but we have done the prime rib for thanksgiving and I must say it was a very good thanksgiving.

  2. Yay! Another person who appreciates fruitcake.

  3. i couldn't do this weeks wwtk.. i dunno, my holiday spirit comes and goes whenever she wants too. right now she is on a vacation. nasty bitch.

    i can't believe your baby is a senior! i hope they have a blast :) xoxo

  4. Mmmmm, love me some prime rib. I'm totally a procrastinator too!

  5. love fruitcake?! ok...i may have to reconsider and actually try that shiz. and we do the SAME thing with the baking! if you actually get baked goods from me, then you know i REALLY like you lol...

    ps- I'm givin' love for mamarazzi today too, she's out of town but says hi to everyone! :)

  6. These are great answers! Probably the reason I DON'T bake all kinds of goodies is that we would end up eating all of it and my clothes wouldn't like that much ;)

  7. My youngest is a senior this year too! Where did the time go? Love your answers- my family is full of fruitcakes but I am so not going to eat any. ;)


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