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September 8, 2011

The last first day of school.

Yesterday was my baby's last, first day of high school.  The last year of forced education.  The last time I get to see her fade into the 100 hall of school life.

Excuse me while I go die.

Nobody panic, false alarm.

Look at that first day pose.  It's not fair she's this old already.

It was an especially nervous day for us because, 
A.  She's a senior this year, so it's do or die for making up core credits, and
2.   It a brand new school for her this year and she only knows one person there, so there's the added pressure to make new, good friends.

I have no doubts that she'll shine.  I mean, I raised her.  

So if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go cry for an hour.



  1. she will be fine and if anyone gives her crap she knows her mama will beat them senseless. ;D You will both survive.

  2. i had to go to a new school my sophomore year, a rival high school at that. it was rough but it worked out. i hope she does well!! xoxo

    ps love her red hair!


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