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September 2, 2011

Surviving the layoff, week 1


It's Friday Confessional day over at Mamarazzi's House and this is a pretty odd Friday.  Mostly, because it doesn't really seem like Friday now that The Mister is off work for a few weeks.

And since he's been off work for a full week now,

I confess...

*It's really not that bad to have him around everyday.  Of course, it has only been a week, but I have high hopes that it will stay this awesome and that we continue to NOT get on each others nerves.

*I spent the first three days of this week getting the younger enrolled in school.  She decided that yes, she loves online school, but she really misses going to school.  So she's decided that she wants to go to the school her dad, aunt and grandma went to which is awesome, except for the fact that it's not in our district, so I have to take her to school everyday.  Small price to pay for an "excited to go to school" kid though.

*I'm getting excited for fall.  I've been in denial about it, because we really haven't had that much of an awesome summer, weather wise, and I kind of feel a little jipped by it, but I'm getting over that and getting psyched about all the fun fall things to do and make and smell.

* I'm not, however, looking forward to the winter that comes after.  I'm not a huge fan of freezing cold weather.  I'm not ready for my power bill to double.  And I'm certainly NOT ready for the muddy floors and carpets, I mean, I just got them cleaned from last winter.

I've bought 3 Christmas presents already.  This is the first time EVER in my life that I've bought presents before December 15th.  EVER!!!  I may be growing up and getting smarter.  Shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone else, okay??!!

*I'm officially spent from all this soul bearing.  /Hand to head in my best Scarlet O'Hara voice.

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Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Labor Day weekend,


  1. i am looking forward to the cooler weather, my power bill has been $300 all Summer long. i will refuse to turn on the heat this Winter in an effort to get some of that money back!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. Well, I usually have several purchased by now but I don't have ANY purchased. Thinking about Christmas shopping is starting to stress me out and it's only September! I need to get my act together!!!!


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