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September 20, 2011

Some friends of mine.

I like to think that you can tell a lot about a person, by the crazies people they are friends with.  Most people don't have a set "type" of person they hang out with, except for me, it seems almost all of my friends are a bit looney. 

What, you don't believe me???

This is Stacy, now while she looks perfectly normal here, in this picture with G.  a very dear friend of mine, whom I made a monkey cake for this weekend for his birthday, Stacy is a loon.  She may look sweet and innocent in this picture, but give her a little bit to warm up to her surroundings and you have a whole new girl, just looking to shock and awe you.
Aaarggh, I be a pirate and me want yer booty. 
I'm not even sure what's going on here.

I do know that she likes to stick her tongue out a lot tho.  Here she is with my oldest and bestest friend.
She's a bit of a weirdo too.  Not like me, I'm perfectly normal.

See, perfectly normal.  Me and the birthday boy man
And perfectly not normal.  There's the monkey cake I made.  
Although, she is not the looniest of my peeps.  No no not by a long shot.  No that title is reserved for one of my favorite people outside of my family.  This guy will do anything to make you smile laugh burst your belly wide open with laughter.  If Will Ferrell and Chris Farley were to have a love child with Jim Carey, you would have Justin.  Now before I show you his little montage, let me just warn you about what you're going to see.

Pure Awesomeness, that's what.  And a fat guy in a little shirt.  Hide your small children and those who just can't handle it.

I didn't lie, did I?  This is Justin...No, not Beiber, although I think girls find him just as sexy. Justin has been in the gang for about 15 years now and I can gain more ab power in one night around him, than I could in one week at a gym.  As you can clearly see.

He will do anything, and I do mean anything for a laugh.  Like putting on a shirt that would fit his 13 year old daughter to take sexy pictures with the birthday boy.

He's their number one fan.  I keep telling them they should make this their new promo picture to hang in the bars.  I mean the crowds they could attract with this would be amazing.
Not all of my friends are like this.  I have some semi-normal ones too, but let's face it, who the hell wants normal when you can have loonies like this, right?!  

I love my people.

Now off to do housewifey stuff.
Till tomorrow,

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  1. Lol! Gotta have a few loonie friends so you can look like the normal one:)


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