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September 22, 2011

Good-bye Summer.

Well, it's the last day of Summer, and I for one, am totally stoked about it.  It's no secret that Fall is my favorite season.  

Yes I love the summer heat, the days on the lake and the dead grass that doesn't require mowing.  I don't have a bunch of leaves to rake and my floor isn't constantly littered with wet grossnes from outside.  I love those things about Summer.  

But Fall *le sigh*.  Oh Fall is the season of wonderful smells, like rain on dirt, or candles, oh yes candles.  I've already busted out my apple cinnamon candles, put away my beach scented Scentsy brick and replaced it with a spice cake smell.  Ohhh ya babe, now that's cozy.

Fall is also the start of my family's birthday season.  Mine is next month, then there is one in November then most of the rest are in Dec., Jan, and Feb..  Let the cake baking season begin

Speaking of cake.  I made two last weekend.  One was for a dear old ol' friend for his birthday.  He wanted a monkey, so I obliged.
Okay, it looks a little bit more like a bear, my first monkey cake was definitely better, but he loved it regardless.
And the other cake I made was for my older's bf, who just graduated from Pharmacy Tech school.  His cake almost looks like a cake you could make for someone who survived a pill induced suicide attempt, but he loved it, and that's what's important.
My technique isn't perfect yet, as you can clearly tell, but I'm getting better.  Plus I ran out of frosting and powdered sugar to cover the crumbs up.
Thankfully I have a large family with lots of siblings, so I'll get lots of decorating practice.  I think I'll practice some different flavor combos, or maybe some alcohol soaked laced cakes.  I bet my new favorite, Whipped Vodka, would be delicious in a chocolate cake.  Must try.  Stat.

So I say, farwell, to my 2nd favorite season, dear Summer.  I'll miss you, especially in December.

See you next year,

PS.  I'll really be back tomorrow.  Just don't tell Summer.

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