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July 11, 2011

You mean if I go camping, I'll get more business?

The younger and I have now done two birthday cakes.  The first, a mini princess cake and 24 cupcakes, that were to be made the same weekend we were to go camping.  We totally pulled it off, but did miss out on a day of camping for it.

This time, we planned another camping trip and a week before we leave we are offered another, bigger job.  A slightly larger personal cake, with forty cupcakes, adorned in a Hawaiian theme.  Although this was only our second "paying job"  and by paying job, I mean we get paid what we spent, which works for us, because we get to practice for free and we get out name out there.  It's a win-win, once we get better we can start trying to make a profit, but for now, were just happy to help friends out.

"Coconut drink" cupcakes.

Flamingos and flip-flops.
Surf's up, dude!

Pretty, grown up cupcakes.

Coconut bra and grass skirt cake.

Hibiscus flower toppers.  Not my best, but hey, that's why I practice.

And oh yeah!  After we got the bakery part of the day done.  It was about 6:30pm and we weren't ready for camping yet.

Did I mention that we were supposed to leave by 4 pm? 

Did I mention, I'm always late?  Always!!!!

Did I also mention that earlier that day, I went to pick up The Misters truck at the local park and ride, so that I could take it in and have the tires rotated and oil changed.  Then when I got there, my beep-beep keychain thingy didn't unlock the doors, so I figured the battery was dead.  No biggy, I think and proceed to unlock the door with my key.  HOLY SHIT!!!  The alarm goes off.

What do I do, what the hell do I do???

Wait, if I get in and put the key in, surely it will stop.  WRONG!!  It does not stop, I panic, put it in drive, and drive home, two miles, with my alarm going off every thirty seconds, stopping for fifteen second intervals.  It sucked, and for the rest of the day, if you opened the truck door, the alarm would go off.  I would then have to wait until 4 pm to take the truck for tire rotation and oil change.

Did I mention that we were making forty cupcakes and going camping??

Did I also mention that The Mister was going camping and I had to buy food for two separate camping trips and then realized that we only have ONE of everything and we now need TWO of everything.  Tent, cooler, sleeping bags, camp stove, toilet paper.  You know, the necessities

So even though it sounds like we never made it.  We did in fact arrive at our campsite at approximately 9:15 pm on Friday night.  Exhausted and ready to relax and that's exactly what we did for 2 days.

Thrilled to have her picture taken.

Equally as thrilled as her younger sister.

Why the hell won't they let me take a picture.

It never worked.

No Bigfoot, but we did see Cousin It.

Gorgeous weather.


D  wrote love notes on the firewood with the wood poker stick.

D, the dog and I slept in this..  Just so you know, it's a 5x7 tent.  5x7!!

Cool fungus.

The always beautiful, Skookum Falls.

Finally, I got a pose.
So, the moral to today's random assortment of proof that I do have ADD is, that every time I plan a camping trip, a baking job comes up.  I think I'll plan another one soon.

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  1. 5x7 and the dog.....the mental picture is hilarious, thanx for the laugh. <3<3<3


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