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July 8, 2011

I confess...


It's Friday and that must mean I have to confess.  Mamarazzi says so.  But Confession is good for the soul, right?  So thanks Mamarazzi, for making us confess and get to know each other.  Don't be shy, hop on the linky train, confess, you'll be glad you did.

I confess...that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that the younger and I have 40 cupcakes and a personal cake to finish baking and decorate, before 5 pm tonight.  Oh, and did I mention we also have to pack our stuff for camping, so that we can leave by 6 pm.  It'll totally happen.

I confess...that I had a wonderful Independence day, despite my "lack of enthusiasm" about it the days before.  We had lots of food, lots of fun and lots of BOOMS!

I confess...that I just drove our truck home two miles, while the alarm was going off.  My FOB keychain thingy quit working and I unlocked the truck with the key and started it and the alarm started going off, and kept going off until I turned it off when we got home.

I confess...that today I'm a little sad, because it marks the ten year anniversary of my wonderful Grandpa's death.  He was a superb father figure to me and I miss him greatly, every single day.  But it is good to know that him and my boy are kicking around together and watching over me and my family.

I confess...that I have a shit ton of things to do, which means I need to get off this thing and get it done!

Have a rockin' weekend.

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  1. thanks for confessing...but now i want a cupcake! I hope you are able to get it all done!

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