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July 12, 2011

New love.

No, it's not a person, or animal or a new coffee drink.  Although I had a Godiva Cupcake espresso the other day and WHOA BABY, I'm in love with that and I'll share the recipe on Thursday!!!

A couple few months ago my Grams asked me if I knew of anything that would even out her skin tone.  Not a make-up, but a moisturizer.  This is when I had to tell her that I have a "Skin Evening" moisturizer at home, but hadn't really used it long enough to see if it actually works and I couldn't even remember the name of it.  Well a couple months ago, I decided to switch out my make-up, from my dark winter colors, to my light spring/summer colors and came across this.
Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer.  It's even SPF30.  It rocks!
So I decided to try it, I mean I spent the money ($8.00 I think at the local drug store) on it and I'm not trying to waste money here.  In the last 4-5 weeks I've used it faithfully and I can seriously see the difference.  I wish I would have thought this through and taken a "before" picture, but I did take a picture of myself this morning to show you where my problem spots were.
That area had spots that were really dark.  I hate pimples and pick at them.  I also hate scabs, so I would pick at them too, causing discoloration in the worst way.  

One of the things I really liked about this stuff, compared to other skin evening moisturizers is, you only have to put it on once a day, not two, three times like the other stuff I thought about buying.  Y'all know me, I'm way too ADD to try to remember to put lotion on more than once a day.  Plus, I like wearing makeup, so I put this on, then I can put makeup on over it and it's fine.  I keep it right in front of my computer so that I don't forget to use it everyday.

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a pretty thrifty person, but I will gladly spent the eight bucks every three months to have pretty skin again, like when I was a teen, and puberty would be the easiest hormonal change I would ever go through.

So there ya go Grams, now you know what to use.  I got mine at Walgreens, but I'm sure they have it all over the place, if not gimme a holler and I'll bring ya a tube.

Now I'm going to find that damn bunny that my damn cat is holding hostage.

**Fine Print:  This is not a paid advertisement, just a product I love.  Neutrogena has no clue who the hell I am.  

Rock on!

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  1. thanx dear, I'll find some and try it out and I'm going to take a before photo right now. hugs, grams


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