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July 25, 2011

Yay, summer's here, oh wait, it's gone.

I know that a lot of you out there, have been battling, a long running heat wave.  Temps of 100* - 115* have  plagued most of the country, that is, except for my state.  My state has maintained a steady 50* - 65* feel to it, making it seem more like fall, with chilly winds and constant rain.  But not this weekend, this weekend it was over 80*.  Wahoooo!  I know, you're thinking, big deal, but for most of us here in the beautiful, Pacific Northwest, are celebrating that giant glowing orb in the sky.  Before Friday, we here in WA have only had like, an hour of over 80* warmth.

Thanks to the warmth, I was able to get out in the sun and do some, much needed yard work and I was even able to hop in the lake.  It was nice to lie around and soak in some vitamin D, while snapping photo's of the cats, that were also enjoying the giant glowing orb in the sky.

Casanova, he loves the warmth.

He can and does, laze about all day in the sun.

Dorthy, she's my 'find a shady spot, FIND A FREAKIN' SHADY SPOT!" cat.  She spends most of her hot and sunny days, laying on the cement basement floor.

That is, of course, when she's not trying to "pet" a birdie.  Don't worry, I try to keep the circle of life to a minimum around here.

And then there's Leelea, who never really stays in one place for very long.  She spends just as much time in the sun.

As she does in the shade, or in the house.  She's the one that likes to stay in the house, and kill all the flies that are lucky enough to make it in.  I love her a little bit extra for that.

I even got a picture of Theo while I was out there.  Look how fat the summer 's syrup supply has made him.  
Of course, now, as I type this, it's back down to 55* and I think were gonna max out at 67*, and just for fun, the weather guy threw in some "scattered showers".  Thanks man.  The wind is blowing, already yellowed leaves out of the trees and I think my barbecue actually has algae growing on it.

But I'm not bitter.  No really, I'm not.

I am hopeful though.  Hopeful that, that glowing orb will soon come back

But for now, I think I'm just going to crawl onto the couch, snuggle up with a blanket and wait for it.

Happy Monday,

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