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July 22, 2011

Cleansing the Conscience.

Hey...Hey you....Guess what!!  It's friday.  Can I get a WOOOHOOOO!!!!  Not only is today a day to celebrate the fact that you have the next two days off, but it's time to cleanse the soul with some confessions.  Come on, do it, you know ya wanna.  Jump on over to Mamarazzi's page and link up so we can witness the baring of your soul too.


I confess...that I finally broke down yesterday, and made myself an appointment with the doctor to see if I can't get my Darth Vader Syndrome Incredible Hulk Disorder PMS PMDD Psychotic Rage episodes, whatever you want to call it.  Although, the receptionist did sound very sympathetic when I told her the reason for my appointment.  Hopefully by this time next month, I won't feel like the emotion fairy smacked me in the face with her mood wand .  I mean, it's terribly exhausting to fight off an unwanted foul mood, so you don't ruin the day of someone who doesn't deserve it.

I confess...That I figured out why I wasn't feeling very energetic in the mornings, like I used to.  I ran out of vitamins about a month ago and have just forgotten to get more until about a week ago.  
Um, DUH!!!
I know, me, forgetful.  What a shock right?

I confess...I am smarter than I show sometimes, but my life is full of dumbness.

I confess...I didn't think dumbness was going to be a word, but there's no squiggly line under it.  Huh, who'da thunk it.  *Who'da -  is not a word.  Just so ya know.

I confess...that I'm looking forward to The Mr. going camping this weekend, and it being just me and the younger at home.  We have another Hawaiian themed cake and forty-eight more cupcakes to make before noon on Sunday, so were gonna need to be loud and listen to rock and roll music all weekend and I won't have to entertain him while I try decorate a cake.

I confess...that this is today's last confession.  
You all rock!!!

Have a SUPERB weekend!


  1. cupcakes & rock n roll sound like an awesome weekend. Have fun with your kiddo and enjoy the weekend away from hubby ;)
    have a good one!

  2. A house to yourself with some loud music? Sounds great to me!

  3. My hubby is going away for a time in August. I'm kind of looking forward to being home with my boys. And hopefully feeling better than the last time he was out of town.

  4. I agree with Stephy! Sounds like an awesome night :)


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