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July 26, 2011

Today's Breakfast.

Is the same as yesterdays breakfast.  Why?  Because it's pretty awesome stuff.  I told my sister how to make it, and well, lets just say angels sang today.  Not only is it delicious, but it's terribly easy, even the most novice of kitchen queens can make this.  And kids seem to love it, because it's fun and different.

Here's what ya need.

Hole Maker

You'll need 1 egg per piece of bread

Preheat your pan on medium.

Put a hole in the center of your bread.  You can use a glass, cookie cutter, whatever you have to make a good sized hole in the middle.
I use big bread, so I cut a bigger hole.

Fill the bottom of you pan with butter.  This is my favorite part.  You can, of course use margarine, but butter's better.
When your butter starts to bubble, your ready to cook.

Lay down your holed bread.
Sorry for the awkward angle, trying to be left handed.

Crack an egg right into the hole.
It's like a little pool of sunshine.

Cook it until the egg is done to your liking.  I'm an over-hard girl myself
I absolutely love the sound of bubbling butter.  It's like it's telling me, "I love you too".

Grill up the leftover holes and put it on top of your, egg-n-toast.
Dig in!
I could eat these everyday.

Viola!  Breakfast is done.

If you're feeling extra hungry and creative, cook up some sausage ( I used a brat from last nights dinner), and top with a piece of cheese.  I used muenster, yummy!

I think I need gravy here next time.

It's okay to eat beer brats at 6 am, right?

You can dress it up however you like, maybe next time some sausage gravy to smother it with.

I'm gonna go eat now.  I'm starving.

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  1. I love these, my Mom made them for us when we were kids (child of the 50's).
    I still make these every week, never thought of putting sausage gravy over top.
    Great suggestion, thanks.


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