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July 13, 2011

Do you want to know?

Welcome to another Q&A, hosted by Impulsive Addict so make sure you jump over to her page and link up, since it will be the last time for her.  :(


Today's questions come from Mamarazzi!!!

1. Which activities make you lose track of time?
**Anything on the computer or in a store.  If I'm blogging, reading blogs, Pinteresting (my new obsession) or just looking for cake/cupcake ideas that I want to practice, or if I'm in a store, doesn't matter what kind, could be a grocery store, department store or a convenient store, I will dawdle around and look at everything thing there.

2. Is there such a thing as perfect?
**There is no perfect, just perfect for you.  Although there are exceptions to everything.  I guess somethings are perfect, a straight line, perfectly round circle, you know that type of thing, but as far as people go, we can only be like Mary Poppins, 'Practically Perfect in Every Way'.

3. When do you feel most like yourself?
** When I'm writing about myself.  I'm giving everyone else a piece of me, and writing it down really makes me reflect on who I am and sometimes I discover things about me that I didn't even know about me.  It's pretty awesome.

4. Describe your life in a 6 word sentence.
**Mostly I'm nice, but sometimes bitchy! or  Everyone I love, I love fiercely.  Either one's the truth.

5. Share one of your most beloved childhood memories.
**I would have to say that some of my most beloved childhood memories, were the weeks our family would spend camping.  We would have these family reunion, week long, camping trips, every summer.  It was the best.  All of the elders of the family could get together and us youngsters could spend our days riding three-wheelers, having mud fights, and just enjoying being around each other.  The best camping trip was when it was my Uncle John and Aunt Coral's anniversary and a real life Kermit and Miss Piggy were brought to the farm and I remember all of us kids being in super awe of these GIANT Muppets come to life.  Yep, those were the best days of my childhood.

Y'all have a Happy Humpday!!


  1. That's cool about the muppets! Happy Wednesday.

  2. Marisa, I'm with you on Pinterest! I get caught up there for hours sometimes. Now I make sure that is the last place I go before I get off the computer for the night. It is relaxing for me though.

  3. Have yet to really get Pinterest.
    Love that about the camping trips. We are trying hard to let our boys have those kinds of memories.

  4. Childhood camping memories...the BEST! Since I wrote my post, I've been coming up with more all morning...

  5. HA! LOVE your sentences! The first one is funny!

    Your childhood memory reminds me of our summers camping, swimming, boating, riding dirt bikes. Good times! It sounds like yours was too!

    Thanks for linking up. I hope you continue to link up with Janette and Mamarazzi. It's a great link up and I'm so proud that I got to do it. =)

    Happy Hump Day Girly!

  6. you do know WWTK isn't going anywhere right? I am sad that IA chose to leave the party but the party is still happening so fret not my friend!!

    LOVE your sentences, the first one is one i can most def relate to!! I am pretty sure all women can.

    thanks so much for linking up...seeyou next week riiiight?

  7. Great to see you again in the link up! :) I wish we had gone camping when I was growing up.... I guess I need to look into that for my own kids.. I hear lots of great memories people have with camping.. just have to try to escape the heat and maybe go in the spring or fall! :)hugs!


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