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July 7, 2011

A birthday for America

I'm a little late one the "what I did for the fourth" post, but hey, better late than never right?

Every year we throw a couple parties.  The Superbowl, Thanksgiving, a summer barbecue here and there, but nothing beats the Fourth of July.  It's a day where everyone just walks around with their head held a little higher, an unintentional smile is worn their faces, the shine in their eyes, is a little....shinier, people are just happy on the Fourth of July.  What's not to be happy about, anyways.  I mean, it's America's birthday............and you get blow shit up.  It's a win-win.

We usually have people over for the afternoon, then we BBQ, then the men make a last minute trip up to the reservation to see some old friends and load the truck up with explosives, then we go sit by the lake and watch the neighborhood show.  Then we come home and put on our own show. This years festivities were dramatically smaller than our previous years.  Usually we pack twenty or more in our house and on our deck, but this year, most of our regulars had plans to go somewhere else. This year we would only see eight of our friends, but you know, I kinda liked it that way.  Not only was there a ton of food leftover for us to pig out on.  But I feel like I had more time to actually sit and visit with our guests, rather than running around like a chicken on fire.  It was nice.

Of course when it came time for fireworks I completely forgot that I owned a camera.  Figures right? But I did manage to get the camera out once that day.

Beauty of a day.  Nice and warm, but not "sweat your ass off" hot.

Wish I would have thought to put them in red, white and blue order.

D in her "robot" wonder.  Dressed all up in her red, white and blue.

The older and her bf.  She'd kill me if she new I put this up here.  Please don't tell her. 

This is the only time you will ever see him cook.  The.Only.Time.  Ever.  And Don of course, listening intently to another guest that I didn't get a picture of.

The cake me and the younger made.  It was delicious.
Hope you all had a great day, judging by some of your posts, you did.

Rock on!

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