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July 15, 2011

Fess up!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Friday, the day of a clean soul, the day to air out the dirty laundry, one confession at a time.

Thanks to Mamarazzi, for her super awesome link-up that gives us all a chance to get to know one another, via steamy blog confession, or in my case, not so steamy confessions.  What can I say, I haven't been steamy in a long time.


I confess...I wish I was more steamy.  Or at least that my life was.  After 18 years of being together, I confess that most of our life is about as steamy as a cold shower.  Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of love, honor, respect and we're all about compatibility, but the steam, well I don't know where that went.

I confess...that I've never in my life, wanted to shoot a bird...until this morning.  There is a mama and baby crow outside, and the baby is cawing nonstop.  I love my birds, all of them, not crazy about the ones doing loud baby caws at 4:30 am.  Yesterday they woke up the kid and let me tell ya, it was a grumpy start to a morning.  If they wake her up again today, I'm getting the wrist-rocket!

I confess...that I've been imbibing alcohol at a three times the normal rate over the last few months. I've been hanging out with a new friend (well not a new friend, but a long time distant (by distant I mean four houses away) friend that I've developed a deep kinship with recently) and enjoying more of the "loopy juice" than normal.  For me, normal is like, never.  I usually drink one to three times a year, now I'm up to like twice a week, a couple of beers or a bottle glass of wine, nothing major, but definitely more.  That's only three times as much, right?

I confess...I'm a Bossy McTellyouwhattodo.  Evidently I've promoted myself, from Lady of the House to Lady of your Life and I keep trying to take over new property aka innocent souls to boss around.  How did I get like this?  I used to be such a laid back, go with the flow type chick. Where did this bossy, stick in the mud, bitch come from?  Is this what pre-menopause does to you?  Am I just going to get worse?  Should I start drinking even more to compensate my growing craziness?  I think I just answered my own question.

I confess...that this crap weather is driving me crazy.  I think I live in the only state that isn't in a heat wave right now.  We are about fifteen degrees colder than normal.  I feel terrible for all the people that are doing their best to cope with triple digit temps, but mostly I'm just really damn jealous of you all.  I mean, it's been nicer in the North Pole than it has been here.  I hate it.  I'm ready to go on vacation until it hits seventy-five here, for at least a full week, and doesn't rain for two.  

I confess...I'm out of confessions for today!

Have a rockin' weekend!


  1. I sympathize with your issues with the weather. It has finally warmed up here but all of June was cold, wet and rainy--which is so not normal for us. We are still rainier that normal. But we are getting into the 80s now.
    Hope things warm up there soon.

  2. I think romance novels helped in our, uh, steamy department. Not that it was boring but it gave me some ideas. Good luck! Happy Friday.

  3. Dude. I LIVE in the North Pole (okay, Canada, but we're close) - and it's a hot & sunny 30-degree day (celcius - that's like...a lot farenheit - 90's maybe?) Hope you get some of this summer weather soon!!!

  4. I have noticed as I have gotten older than I am consuming alcohol a lot more. I went from once every other month, as a teenager, to once a month as an adult and now at least every night I like to have wine with dinner. I attribute it to stress lol
    Love this post! Feel like I need to purge and just throw out some Friday confessions. Calling my sister now!

  5. you not steamy? i don't believe you!!

    good times with good friends, that is what life is about, enjoying yourself!!

    thanks for linking up, i always enjoy your confessions!!

    oh and don't forget to link up to WWTK wed Q&A i always love your answers, there will bea big announcement this week too! do not miss it!

  6. I'll switch you weather any day, it's in the 90's here, I sweat my tits off everyday.

    ps - totally diggin' your blog layout chick!


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