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July 18, 2011

Mortal Enemy Monday

So, it's been raining here for days, and that means that both me and the cats have been stuck inside, listening to the relentless raindrops bash the house.  Today, the weather is finally nice enough for me to go out and mow the lawn.

Unfortunately, with the cats being stuck inside, my mortal enemy #1 has taken over the front yard, which means I have to do some stomping and dirt relocating, before I can mow.  I don't like killing moles, but I'm sure glad my cats do.

I would just like it noted that the one in the center is like a foot tall.  It's ridiculous.

While looking around at the things I would be able to do, now that the sun is out, I was faced with Mortal Enemy #2.  For the last five and a half years, I've battled this enemy, violently, mercilessly and poisonously.  That's right, I resorted to poisoning a living creature.
Also sucky!

Morning Glory.  Literally the root of all that is evil in my garden.

I've tried everything to get rid of it.  I live on a mountain of boulders and morning glory.
On a happier note.

The glorious sun is out and they say it'll even get up to 77* here.  Oh happy day, OH HAPPY DAY!!!

My rose bush that I planted just last year has now approached the nine foot mark. I have no idea how it got so big, or why it has avoided the morning glory takeover, but it has and it's getting ready to bud another rose.

The bottom of that window is 10' off the ground and that rosebushtree  only has about a foot left to be even with it.
And another totally rad thing is, I got to go make dinner for my Mom, Dad, Sister her BF and my Brother.  Made stir-fry, it rocked.  Made cupcakes, they were heavenly.  Had a great day.

I'm very proud of myself for only eating two four of these.

But they were gooood!
Now I have to get outside and murder some morning glory and yell at some crows.
Happy Monday!


  1. our hills are like your big one and I used to take the high pressure nozzle and wash the dirt back in the hole, but Randy won't let me do it....says once they get their runs made and stop making hills, he'll haul off the dirt and all will be well. Only thing is, the lawn settles and now it's so uneven I can hardly walk across it. Oh well! **hugs**

  2. Oh, I hate moles. Can there be an uglier pest of a creature? Probably. Just not sure what. Anyway, the cupcakes look great!!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me and for following. I've been doing this bloggy thing for a little over a year but still feel very new to it all. :)


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