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July 14, 2011

Cupcakes and Coffee. Is there really anything better?

I love coffee, I mean LOVE it.  I also have a sweet spot for a good cupcake, so when I found a way to combine the two in a drink, I saw no reason not to share the delicious concoction that has become my drink of choice for the last month or so.

If you read The Pioneer Woman than you have probably seen her recipe for The perfect iced coffee and if you haven't and if you love coffee, then you should go check our her simple and delicious recipe, like pronto!  Although her recipe is perfect all by its self, the ex-barista in me just couldn't let me drink it plain.

Then one day, I went to our local coffee stand (my home away from home) and their drink of the month was a Godiva Cupcake Mocha.  What?  Could this be true?  A liquid cupcake?  A chocolate liquid cupcake?  What could be more perfect?  So immediately, me and the kid decided that was exactly what we were going to get.

*Insert harps and angels holding a high C note*

It was.................the most delicious thing that had ever touched my tongue.

I then found out that Toriani's makes a new flavor.  Cupcake.  I want to kiss the person that created it...really I do.  So I got the recipe and went to the local coffee syrup supply shop, grabbed a bottle and went home to re-create this magical drink.

Let me share.

What you need:
Iced Coffee, you can use regular coffee, shots of espresso, or do this as a warm drink, it's all up to you.  Half and half, Toriani's Cupcake syrup, and chocolate milk.  Oh and a glass.

Fill your glass about 2/3 full of coffee.

Add a shot of Cupcake syrup, less or more, depending on your sweetness factor.

A couple splashes of chocolate milk, again, you can tweak it to your sweetness preference.

A splash of Half and half, for the extra fatness creaminess.

Stir it up, stick a straw in it, throw some whipped cream on the top and sit back and let your taste buds experience what euphoria is like.
I'm currently working on a really delicious caramel cupcake recipe and maybe a red velvet one too.  All I know is, if you love cupcake flavor, you gotta try the syrup, you'll thank me for it.

Have a smashing Thursday kiddies!!!

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