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July 21, 2011

10k? Shit, I can't even run the length of the driveway.

It has come to my attention that I am...totally out of shape.  I know, I know, this probably comes as a shock to most of you, but....It's true.

Last night I decided to head over to KT house, where we talked, laughed, took a little boat ride around the lake, then, I drank....and then I drank some more.

Long story short...

Hahahahaha, this is me remember??

This morning after The Mr. left, I cleaned up the kitchen and decided that I had done enough work for one morning, and laid down on the couch to nap rest my eyes.  When all of a sudden, I'm awoken by the sound of the garbage truck rumbling and squealing through the hood.

"Shit"  I yell, to no one.  "It's garbage day".

I jump up, blurry and red eyed, throw on my flippy-floppy's and run out, grab can #1 and literally run it to the end of the driveway, if any of you know anything about me, I don't run.  If you see me run, you better start running too, because obviously something bad is chasing me.  I run back down the driveway and grab can #2 as I'm hearing the rumble and squeal get closer, I turn and run the can up the driveway in just enough time, to turn around, so the approaching garbage boys don't see me in all my red-eyed, psychotic haired, spandex shorts, out of breath glory.

Two trips, at a panicked run, hauling a 50lb garbage can and I felt like I needed to lay down and die.  

Just yesterday I was telling the younger that we should start training for The Warrior Dash, which is a really fun and muddy obstacle course.  I was also telling her that we should get into a mini or half marathon.  After today's, near death running experience, I may have to rethink all of this.

Almost Friday!!!!


  1. I absolutely loathe running! The image of you running down the drive hauling a garbage can is hilarious!

  2. This cracked me up, haha

    The important thing is that you made it - how crappy would it have been if you ran to the end only to see the truck drive by?

    I need to get back to my C25K...

  3. Bha! It's supposed to hurt a little! :)



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