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June 13, 2011

Walking contradiction.

In my older, wiser age, I find myself being more and more of a walking contradiction.  It's way beyond being a hypocrite, mostly because I'm only being a hypocrite to myself.

  I love flip-flops, but hate the sound of them.  I live in flip-flops.  Winter, spring, summer and fall, you will see me rockin' the flops, but I can't stand the snap-snap-snap sound they make when your walking around.  Is there a way to make silent flip-flops?  Maybe I'll just start gluing them to my heels, that should work.

  I love swimming, but I hate the feeling of being wet, unless I'm in the water.  I live on a lake and swimming is a huge part of our summertime fun, but I tell ya, once I'm out of that water, I want to be in dry clothes, like now.  I'm not one of those, in and out swimmers that swims for a while, gets out, dries in the sun and then jumps back in.  Oh no, I go, I lay in the sun, get nice and hot, then go swim until I just can't swim no more, then I'm out and in the house in dry clothes in minutes.  Ridiculous?  Absolutely!

†  I love playing in the rain, but hate getting wet.  See above.

†  I have my ears pierced twice, but never wear earrings.  The first holes have been there since I can remember and the second ones, I bugged my mom to death. to let me get them when I was fourteenI've maybe worn earrings a couple dozen times since I was sixteen.  Over twenty years.

  I absolutely hate needles, getting shots or having blood drawn.  I don't even like to watch it on TV it creeps me out so much.  Although, I love to get tattoos.  I have three and I'm getting another one at the end of the month and I'm totally stoked about it.  Have to get blood taken next week.  Totally not stoked about it.

  I am very comfortable in the heat.  I love adore am obsessed with warmth.  One problem, I loathe sweat.  I get really bitchy when I sweat.  Especially when when little drops of the nasty stuff starts rolling down my head.  I want to shower immediately.  It has to be related to the whole "not being wet" thing.  I hate it though, no one should be bitchy on beautiful days.

Well there's plenty more contradictions to me, but I don't show you all my faults in one day.  Where's the fun in that?!

So, until next time,

Keep on keepin' on!

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  1. It's okay to be a walking contradiction! :-) I have been one MANY MANY times the last few years! ;-) At least your contradictions are pretty easy, not horrible or hurtful kind!


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