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June 10, 2011

Foto Fun Friday.

Apparently alliteration and phonetic spelling go hand in hand, with me.  It's who I am.  I once tried to write an essay using nothing but phonetically spelled words.  Do you know how hard it is to learn to write, wrong?  And why aren't things spelled phonetically?  Why isn't, at least the word phonetically, spelled phonetically?  Shouldn't at least that word be spelled fonetikalee?  Isn't this post supposed to have something to do with pictures?

Oh yeah!

Yesterday, after dropping the kid off at school, for her two hours of socializing, I arrived back home to see that my big cat had a little tiny baby bunny cornered.  Now he knows, that if I'm there, he's not allowed to touch.  So, I went over and saved this gorgeous little creature, put him/her in a box and let him sleep off his/her shock, while I let the big cat take me to the nest, from which the sweet little he/she was abducted came from.  Which he did.  After a couple hours of dozing, little Hopper, yes I named him/her, this is me, was doing just that, hopping around in his box and I took him/her back to the opening of the nest, where he/she eagerly crawled into to join his/her siblings while waiting for Mama to come back to them.  BTW, are bunnies smart?  I ask this, because we've had cats, forever, two-three at a time.  Why do bunnies decided it's a good idea to make a nest in our front yard, forty feet from our front door?  Just wondering.

I didn't take one single picture of any of this event.  Not even one of the baby bunny.  FAIL!!!

I did manage to get some other pictures while I was out filling feeders. 

Here's Theo in alll his red headed glory.

My Deimos. So handsome.

I love these trees.

The just scream beauty.

This little guy just looks so cute in this tree.

Casanova.  Hard to believe that he's a bunny snatcher, isn't it?

That's a huge bumblebee right there.

Take off!

Then stop for a drink.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, Casanova is definitely suspect! lol nice photos! :)

  2. You are a wonderful owner of your dog n cat! They look so healthy and happy (and fat! Hahaha!)! Love your blog! Cheers!


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