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May 31, 2011

Tutu's, cupcakes and camping. Oh my!

It seems like an eternity since I've been on here, but in all reality it's been like five days.  Although, that is the longest I've gone for quite some time without even sitting here and working on something, anything, I haven't even bought a single needless item in like a week.  Wait, that's a good thing, right?

I haven't just been lazing around with my time, though.  Oh no, I've been a busy bee.  Friday and early Saturday involved making a tutu for a very special princess, then baking and decorating, with the younger, one small cake and twenty-four cupcakes for the princesses birthday party.

Pretty Princess Tutu

Pretty Princess Chloe.

Aren't they lovely.

Princess cupcakes.  Really blurry ones.

Frog cupcakes.  You may be a frog now, but someday you'll be a prince.

Princess cake.
After delivering the cake and tutu on Saturday morning, it was a dash to get back to the house, finish packing our stuff, then the car for the eighty-five mile drive to our camping destination.  Salmon La Sac, just outside of Roslyn.  If you've ever seen or heard of the show, Northern Exposure, Roslyn is the mock Alaskan town, they filmed in.  Well if you drive about fifteen miles passed there, you're smack dab in the middle of beautiful surroundings.

It was my first Memorial Day camping trip in ten years, and I have to say, it's just as crazy as it was a decade ago.  If not crazier.  So crazy in fact, that my camera stayed hidden for most of the time, for fear of it getting alcohol poisoning or talked into fire walking.  I did take it out in the daytime for a few shot of the awesomeness that is Mother Nature.

Such a happy camper.
The view from the campfire, minus the water.
More of the campsite.  The "hotel" campers.  Wait, is that Bigfoot walking behind that tree?  Oh, no, it's just Brandon.

I honestly can't believe that the tarp didn't melt, with the size of the fire that was under it.

Not so happy camper.  Hasn't had her coffee yet.

He played himself out in about an hour.

Hippy in the woods.

I have no words for this, except, I'm sorry.

Don't let the beauty fool you, that shit's cold.
Came home from camping a day early, eighty-five miles back home, twenty-four hours later.  But that's okay, I had all day Monday to hang out with The Mister and listen to him tell me how much he hates it when I'm not here to cook for him, or make coffee in the mornings, and that I should never leave him again.

Then I make him coffee and breakfast and all is right again.

Rock on!

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