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May 26, 2011

Baby Brother from the Same Mother.

Well now that you've gotten to know my sisters, well a couple of them anyways, let me introduce you to, my mom's youngest, her only blood son, my youngest brother, my pseudo-baby.


When baby sister Sara was just a month and half old, my mom, let's call her Mrs. Horny McReallyfertile, got pregnant with my baby brother.  Finally, after having three girls, my mom got a boy, breaking they cycle of girl grandchildren that wouldn't carry on the family name.  Since Sara was still so young, and quite the handful when he came along, he would become my real life cabbage patch doll.  I was 13 and done playing with Barbies, and wanted to move on to something a little bit more realistic.  Okay, I never played Barbies, I cut their hair, but never really got into them any farther than that.  I may or may not have used the head of one to be a firecracker holder once.  Anyways, back to my baby brother.  His life sucked as a child, with three older sisters to use him as a makeover doll, or use his cuteness against our mother to get things, she would tell us no for.  You know, it's what you do as an older sister.  I had a back story on this kid too, as to his "real origin".  Our mom had taken us to the circus, and when they left, they left him all alone with a note that read, "We don't want  him, you can have him".  Our own little Joe Dirt.  Sheesh, I really was mean.  Although, given all that grief, that little boy has grown into a man I'm proud to call my brother.  Sweet, thoughtful, chivalrous, loyal and gunshot survivor are just a few of the many words I could use to describe this kid.  He's always a gentleman, he has a HUGE heart and he's all mine.............and my sisters.....and I guess my mom's.

Two and half years ago, I got a heart-breaking call, from my mom, that my baby brother had been shot.  He was at the house of a friend, when a couple of rowdy people were asked to leave, they refused.  My brother, a friend and the man of the house, removed them, they got angry, came back and shot my brother and one other guy.  That other guy, was not as lucky as my brother and died instantly.  My brother would then go through surgery to remove quite a few buck shot from his body, some of which were very close to arteries.  A little bit of my soul died that day and I told my brother to never scare me like that happen again, or I would put him over my knee and whoop his ass, just like when he was little.  So far, so good.

His whole life he's had this look of total innocence.  It was used to my and his advantage more than once.

And always willing to give a smile, even if he didn't mean it or want to.
Can't you just picture the halo above his head?  That innocence is temporary, trust me.
Even in his down times, he could make a room fun.
I honestly don't think I have ONE picture without a smile.
That's a good lookin' kid, right there.
He can always lighten, the darkest of days.  And this day, was pretty dark.

He really is a ray of sunshine on any day.  When you're down, he'll bring you up.  He's my kid brother and I'm glad the circus left him.

I have to pack for camping, so, I'm out!

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