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May 23, 2011

My Middle Sister from another Mister

I am the oldest of ten children.  I know, it makes my head spin too.  It's kind of a complicated story, well not really, it just seem like a lot of words.  But I'll tell you that story later.  For now, It's all about my moms middle daughter, my sister, my best friend, mine mine mine...


If my mom has a kid that completely abides by the rules, it's this kid.  Don't get me wrong, she's no angel, thank god, but she is by far, the most well behaved of my moms kids.  She is; down to earth, studying to be a nurse, hockey mom, earth angel to many of our vets at the VA hospital where she works, absolute goofball, army wife, my younger sister, the middle one.  There is a ton more to her, but it would take hours to tell you it all.  When she was little I used to tell her that our mom used to babysit her, and one day her parents never came to pick her up, and that was how she came to be my sister.  Bitch move?  Yes, but I was the older sister, wasn't I supposed to do this?  

I was eight when she was delivered by the stork. Her dad, much like mine, wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of fatherhood, and we then became figments of their imagination, still are I think.  That was the first of a bazillion things we have in common, besides DNA.  We are both raising two girls, of course hers are much younger than mine, so you can imagine how useful I am to her.

I so wish I could just pop over to her house right now and hang out, but unfortunately she lives on the opposite coast as me, but we talk, often.  Sometimes everyday, for days in a row.  Ohhh, when will they invent teleporters?   Weren't we supposed to have them by now?  Man, the Jetsons were bullshit!

Am I the only one that pushed the kid sisters around in one of these walkers.  I miss them.  I also miss pushing her down the stairs in one.  Just kidding.  Mostly.

My little sister at two, she doesn't even annoy me yet.

This was about the time I told my sister where she "really" came from.

By this time, I had other siblings to mess with, so I told her truth of her origin, so she could help convince the others the "real" story of their origins.

I wish I had more of these pictures, I'll have to bug the sisters and the mom to find more.  All three of us sister decided we needed comb overs.  It was fantastic.

My sister and I.  This is after I had moved out and it was the first time we'd seen each other in a couple months.

Look at her.  Gorgeous right?  Bitch!

This pretty much sums up our relationship. :)
She's my little sister and I wouldn't give her up.  Not even if her real parents came back to get her.

So long.


  1. I love you so much Sister, even though you lied to me about my "origin"!! I'll forgive you because I grew up with an amazing Big sister! Don't think I could have asked for a better one!

  2. we are so related it's unbelievable. Do you suppose our sisters turned out to be so great because of what we did.....or in spite of what we did? They're both treasures.

  3. Probably because of what you did. As we learn the truths of all of it we can sit back and laugh! Some of the things I have heard are pretty damn funny!


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