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May 24, 2011

Baby sister, from another mister.

Oh my goodness, where to start here.  I can tell you that it's a good thing I have such a big heart, because I have a lot of people to love, and lots of siblings to call my best friend.  I can honestly say that all of my siblings are my friends,  my best friends.  Here's the story of one of my best friends.  Mine, not yours.  All mine.


My mom really should have names her Scara, because from the get go, she would find ways to scare us.  When she was just a little one, she was diagnosed with Juvenile RA, the doctors told my mom that she would, by the age of eight, probably be in a wheelchair.  Boy were they wrong, thankfully so.  When she was a bit older than that, she scared us again with tumors in her fingers.  Luckily they weren't cancerous and she never got them again, once they were removed.  A few words to describe her?  Funny, quick witted, honest, fabulously stylish and loving.  Seriously I could throw adjectives down, all day long, but that would be redundant and totally not my style.  Ha!

Now, I told you what I used to tell the middle sister about her "real" origin.  Well, once Nessa was old enough to be an accomplice, I revealed that she wasn't really an unwanted kid that we got stuck with.  After doing this, I enlisted her to help me convince Sara, that she was in fact, an Ethiopian child that we had adopted.  Little kids are sooooooooooooo gullible.  We told her that while watching a, Sally Struthers Feed the Children commercial, our mother had called up to adopt an Ethiopian baby, without the knowledge that they would actually send a baby.  You see Sara has always been a bean pole, tall and very thin.  Jealous?  Me?  Maybe a little.  So with Nessa's help, we had that poor little girl thinking, that she was once a starving baby from another country.  Man, writing this, I realize how mean of a big sister I was.  They were so lucky to have me.

Now that she's all grown up, with two terribly handsome boys, she's forgiven me for all my torment and has become my best friend.  You can really never have too many, if they're the right kind.  And Sister, your the right kind.

This was pre-beanpole days.  Such a cutie.

She's was always great for posing for pictures.

Or she was focused on something else entirely.

Even as a teen, she had a sense of creativity and color.  And an obsession with stars and pictures of herself.
She was always a willing candidate for a full on candid posed shot.

She never outgrew the obsession with stars, as you can see from her ink work.  And she's my only sister that looks good in my moms hot pink lipstick.  And I'm okay with that.
And she still knows how to pose for a picture.
And she always has flare.
I'm so glad my mom made that call to Sally Struthers, or else I wouldn't have this baby sister.

Til the next sibling....

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