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May 3, 2011

I don't wanna!

Do anything today.

All I want to do,

Is make a fort out of blankets,

Climb in,

And sick zombies on anyone,

Who tries to come in to my fort.

Maybe I'll just build a mote.

I wonder how a mote would look in my bedroom.

I wonder if the dog would swim in it.

Should I put alligators in it?

Actually, a mote sounds like a lot of work.

Maybe just booby traps,

Clowns needing help with the dishes,

That should keep the family away.

It's their biggest fears.

Or maybe I'll just get my ass up, and start my day.

And with that,
I'm gone.


  1. I'd stick with the fort. If you sprinkle Lego around it, you should be safe (from barefooted people, at least. Believe me, I KNOW.)

  2. Lego's are brilliant booby traps, and way less messy than broken glass. :D

  3. Misfit Mommy has stepped on a few Legos! Great idea... I'll put Legos around my safe zone.

    An "over-active mind" Marissa? You fit right in with the Convoy! lol

  4. OMG...i want to come over and play in your you have wine and cheese????? or better yet...chocolate chip cookies...should I call into work and say I'm sick...taking a play date??? Nice post


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