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May 2, 2011

Monday Morning Montage.

Let me just say, this weekend we had some beautiful weather.  Sunny and sixty, just how Spring should be.  Along with washing cars and weeding gardens I was able to start making friends with two more of the humming birds that have been using me as their Sugar Mama, a job I'm happy to do and was able to snap a few more pictures of them and some other critters.

I'm proud to say I mowed everyone of those dandelions.  I should open a dandelion farm.  Is there a high demand for dandelions I wonder?

This is my Female Anna's.  I have no name for her yet.  I keep giving her choices, but I haven't found one she likes yet.
Here's Perle.  Or is it Merle.  Does anyone know how to tell without actually touching it?

Just so you know, as I sit here and type this, the weather has gone from being blue skies and 62* yesterday, to being 48* and rainy.  Welcome to Washington, where even the weather is bi-polar.  *Plus side.  I don't have to use my own water for the flowers.  **Double plus.  My grass will grow, giving me an opportunity to bask in the sun while riding the mower on the next sunny afternoon.

Cute little bee, but if he comes any closer, I'll kill him.
Rudy.  I wish I had a good head shot of him.  He's like a little daglo  pinkish-orange flaming ball.

These two duckers came out of no where and looked at me sweetly, so I of course fed them bread.  Ooh I rhymed.
See how sweet of a look that is.
They came, they ate, they left.
I love living in a place where I have not only birds hanging around, but squirrels and ducks too.

Hope you all have a Happy Monday, rain or shine.

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