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April 12, 2011

Weekend Pioneers, and by Pioneer, I mean glorified camper.

Right around this time of year, every year, I get an itch.  And that itches name is, Camping.  Becoming one with nature, sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire.  Sounds amazing, doesn't it?  It doesn't help that while sorting through the last year of pictures, I came across all our camping pictures.  I love our camping trips, mostly because there is no men allowed on them.  Only the boys that we've bore are allowed to go.  We're not sexist or anything, we just like "roughing it" on our own.  It's kind of an annual Pioneering Women weekend.  Except we have like two or three of those weekends a year.  We like cutting wood, starting our own fires, pitching our own tents, hanging tarps, creating furniture and toys out of sticks and rocks, you know, primal stuff.

Here's part of our crew from a trip two years ago.  Yup, that's the younger hiding her face.  She didn't have any makeup on, in the woods.
This is our favorite spot to camp.  The river is so close and incredibly peaceful to fall asleep to.
I know, you thinking, that's an elaborate kitchen.  Well all I can say is, Yup!  We take everything, even the kitchen sink.
Our view from the firepit.
Don't let the sunshine fool you, that water is coooold.  It was part of a glacier, like an hour ago.  And please, pay no attention to the fact that I'm in desperate need of a pedicure.  Pioneers didn't get pedicures.
I have made fire!!!  It's easy with gas and matches.  What?!
The top of Mt. Rainier.  Were at the bottom.  This is why the water's so cold.
This is how people find us. 
We do a pretty good job of holding our own.  I have to admit, there has been a time or two, when we hear grumbles in the night, or when the dogs hackles go up and we can't see anything, that we wish a guy was there, to wield a gun/ax/shovel at whatever looming danger might be lurking, but we get over it in a few seconds.  Besides, I'm pretty good at wielding an axe. 

Ahhh, camping.   Where books become TV.
This is what happens when your camping during a burn ban.  Lanterns become heat sources.
Little boys, wearing glow sticks, become laser shows.
We hold our own, us Weekend Pioneers and hopefully I'm passing on the passion for pioneering on to my kids, so that they continue to get back to the basics and enjoy life at it's best.  Simple and natural.  But with a kitchen.

Rock On!


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  2. Know? I am so jealous. I had never had a chance to camp when I was young because mummy did not allow. Before I fell in love with trekking, I never liked the jungle because of too much National Geography ~ the crawlies, creepies n what not! Now that I love the jungle, no one invites me to camp. Haizz.... and now, I am reading the fun you had! Oh, so the very jealous! Hahaha!

    Way to go, girlfriend! Life is here to enjoy! Best of times is NOW! Yeay!

    (p/s: I'd removed comment earlier because got spelling error lah! Hehe.)


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