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April 14, 2011

This face.

Yesterday I had the joy of watching both my nephews.  The older one, hasn't always been a fan of me, nothing personal I guess, he was just happy with only a select few people until he was like, four.  Even now at five, he's pretty hot and cold, but as long as you act like a kid around him, you'll be fine.  Mostly.  He's in the stage now of pulling the old "Fred Sanford" whenever a situation arises that he doesn't like, but instead of it being "It's the big one, I'm comin' 'Lizabeth", It's "my tummy huwts suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper bad, and I'm wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hot, I think I'm sick and you should call my mommy and I think I have to go home now".  Yesterday's situation was the twenty-five minute car ride he had to take to get back to my house.  Amazingly enough, a trip past a McD's seemed to cure his tummy ache and desire to call mommy.  Ahhhh, the power of the Happy Meal.  It's disgusting, and yet, sometimes useful. 

At first Tracen was a willing model.  Laythan on the other hand.  Not so much.

Then Batman came on TV and I no longer existed in Tracen's world, that's when Laythan started paying attention.
I was hoping to get some, picture frame worthy shots of the boys during their visit.  All I can say about how that ended up, is.  Fail.  As soon as Tracen found out he could watch Batman, which was five minutes after we walked in the door, he asked if he could lay down and take a nap, while watching it.  I said sure, and within thirty seconds he was down to his boxers and undershirt, grabbing a pillow and blanket, and making himself comfy, cozy on the luvseat.  Of course every time I suggested posing for pictures for Mommy, his mysterious tummy ache was back, and this time, only Batman could make it better.  He's a superhero, it's what he does. 

This is Tracen watching Batman.

This is Tracen starting to fall asleep to Batman.

This is Tracen trying to concentrate on watching Batman while us kids are making so much noise.
Fortunately, I did have a somewhat willing model.  And by somewhat willing I simply mean less unwilling than older brother.  Getting him to hold still long enough to get more than a blur did seem to be a chore for me though.  He's a squirly little dude. 

Running towards me with smush face.
I forgot how much they like to put everything in their mouths.
I did manage to get a few good ones though.  Tracen decided to take cover behind a pillow.  The camera's flash made his tummy huwt weeeeaaal bad.

It's fun to see the younger playing with her cousins.

Look at those teeth.  And those cheeks.  And that booger.
It was a good day.  Tracen even let me hug him when he left.  NO kisses though, "cuz that's icky girl stuff" and the baby, well he let me tote him around while telling how cute he is.  What a sport!  Now back to the reality of housework and laundry.  But at least I have a new screensaver to look at while I fold laundry.

This face.  I don't even know what to say.

Rock on, and remember, tomorrow's Friday!!


  1. New Follower from Blog Frog! :-)

    Totally handsome little fellas!!! My 3 year old is like that with people sometimes...and he pulls the "I'm scared, I need my mommy and my kitties" bit. Yep, he says he misses our all things!!!

  2. Yeah, my oldest nephew has always been very reserved. My youngest daughter was that way. My oldest, though, would talk to anyone.


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