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April 11, 2011

The birds and the bees. Oh and flowery trees.

After what seems like a decade of rain, we got a break over the weekend.  Friday was absolutely beautiful, sunny, warm and not one drop of rain. 

While snapping pics under the trees, I notice a loud hummmm.  I looked up and their were tons of  these little guys gathering nectar.
Not a cloud could be seen.  I was actually able to mow my forest-like backyard. No longer afraid to walk around back there, although, I may or may not have mowed over a forgotten and well hidden t-shirt jammed into the belt of the rider, right there at the end.  Upon further inspection, I did in fact mow over a hidden, saturated t-shirt and am currently searching for ways to get it out of there without having to take anything apart.  Remember, Me=Not Handy! 

The only thing I hate about these trees is, they don't last nearly long enough.

I had no idea that my little chickadee's had such a taste for sugar.  Theo, in the background, is not happy about it.
After mowing, I finally got my roses planted, and whacked my ferns to pieces, to make way for new growth.  Whacking ferns, for some reason, always makes me feel good.

We have a new "regular" around the feeder.  I believe this one is a Rufus Hummingbird.  He's still a bit shy so I have to keep my distance when watching him.  We're still trying to think of an appropriate name.
Theo, on the other hand, is a little ham.

A random cat that has spontaneously moved onto the property.  I couldn't help myself, I've started feeding "it".  Please don't tell my husband, we have three already

By the end of the day, Friday, I felt accomplished, productive and exhausted.  So, to make myself all better, I spent almost all day Saturday, lazing about on my couch watching old movies, with my younger.  All in all, it  was a wonderful weekend.

Hope yours was as well.

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