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April 8, 2011

My make-up must haves.

Some of you may know this, some may not, but  I have a confession.  I.Love.Make-up.  I mean LOVE it and I have more of it, than one human being should have, it's an addiction I guess you could say, but it's one of my favorite things about being a girl.

This is my essential make-up.  I really do use all of this.  It's ridiculous, I know.  I'm getting help.
This portion is the stuff that I use for special occasions, and where I keep my "off-season" colors.  Like "my tan has faded, so now I have to have lighter" foundation stuff.
This is my daily make-up.  This goes with me on trips and contains my most favorite items of the month.  It's constantly being rotated with make-up from my "essentials box".  I swear, I'm getting help.
There are some days, though where I just want to go low maintenance.  That's when I turn to my must haves.  My primer, ohhhhhhh my primer.  I have big pores and they like to suck make-up in like they're little black-holes, I'm not fond of them, but primer is awesome for that.  It smooths out the skin and makes the rest of my make-up easier to apply.  I like the Hard Candy brand, it's inexpensive, lightweight and long lasting.  Then theirs my tinted moisturizer.  Another love.  Technically this is my absolute must-have, if I wear nothing else at all, I'm wearing this.  It's wonderful stuff, moisturizer, sunscreen and color-evening foundation all in one.  Genius.  I'm thrifty, so I go for the Wet 'n Wild stuff and it works perfectly.  Set it all with a nice mineral powder, I jump from brand to brand with this stuff.  I'm not a blush person, so I use a mineral bronzer as blush.  I'm in love with the Prestige mineral bronzer, because it has gold shimmer in it, and anything that shimmers, is okay by me.  I have pretty long and full eyelashes, but I like to wear mascara anyways, so I always go for a basic black conditioning mascara, not to picky about mascara, except it has to be waterproof.  And last but not least, my absolute favorite item of all, and the only item I'm willing to shell out extra money for.  That's my lipstain.  I've tried every drugstore brand out there and have found that only one can satisfy my demands.  Revlon's Once Bitten.  I can't say enough good things about this stuff.  The color is highly pigmented so you don't have to apply 548 coats, it lasts for a long time, especially for a lip smacker like me annnnnnnnnnd it has a wonderful top coat that doesn't make your lips so sticky and glossy that every hair, dust particle and lint piece sticks to it.  It's a bit spendy at $9 a stain, but oh baby, it lasts for a long time.  I'm still using the one I got for Christmas and I still only have to put one coat on.  Now that's staying power.

My absolute must have, can't live without, I need this if I'm ever stranded on a deserted island, make-up.
So there ya have it, my number one addiction, besides ice-cream.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  See y'all Monday!!



    Thankyou for posting on my community forum, good luck with your blog.

  2. You've just got to love being a girl!


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