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April 7, 2011

Contained Gardener.

 Although, I feel bad for even referring to myself as a gardener.  My Grams, now that lady is a gardener.  I just like pretty flowers and set out to kill some every year.  My green thumb is a very pale, almost sheer shade of green, but I try.  I do seem to have luck with roses, I think I got that from G.Grams, I remember her having quite a few, big, beautiful rose bushes.

One of my last yellow roses from last year.

My favorite.  My Purple ones.  I just bought a silver/purple one and can't wait until it blooms.
The two rose bushes I bought, three weeks ago, I have no idea where I'm going to put them.

One of my problems is, I live on a hill that seems to me made up of millions and gazillions of GIANT boulders all nestled together, with approximately four inches of soil on top.   Great during the rainy season because we don't flood, sucks during planting season.  So I have three choices, raised beds, planter pots or a jackhammer.  Since I don't have a little jackhammer at my hands, and I'm much to lazy to go rent one or use one, lets face it, I have too much body to jiggle, even if I did have one.  So, I have a variety of planters in the places that I can't actually dig a hole deep enough for things to grow.  Which is almost everywhere I want to put things.  Here's where things get a bit contained.

Yep, those are two shoebox sized, storage containers.  And yep, those are two pink flamingos.

I'm the type of person, who despite all the craftiness you see me do, is not at all handy with real tools, so putting together raised beds is pretty much out of the question.  I know, I know, they're easy, you say.  I call bullshit.  Easy for you, not so much for me.  That leaves me with planter pots, and I'm good with that.  Morning glory and weeds can't take over, I can put them wherever I want or move them when I change my mind.  Problem being, planter pots can get quite spendy, even for simple ones.  One day, while perusing through the local dollar store, I came across these wonderful little shoebox containers.  Perfect.  All you have to do is put three small holes in the bottom for drainage and set it on it's lid.  If you don't want them to remain clear, you can just get a can of your preferred color of paint, made for plastic, and customize them to however you want.  They fit two small flowers and they sit on their own lid to keep them off the ground.  Here comes the best part, They only cost a buck each.

They are perfect for low growing flowers, like the calendula, which happens to be my birth flower.
One of my larger, spendier planters.
Still a work in progress, but it's coming together.
So now, since it's rain/snowing off and on outside, I'm going to go to my local dollar store and pick up some more containers and spray paint, then go flower shopping.  Maybe it will bring the sun out.

Hope everyone has a non-snowy day, unless you like that sort of thing in April.


  1. I love your roses and envied mom's, but I just never inherited her "rose thumb". Maybe all the cedar and fir trees has something to do with it.

  2. I'm a sporadic gardener. I spend a day getting my hands dirty and planting up a couple of pots only to have them wither and die in the scorching Aussie sun a few weeks later!
    Good luck with your pots, and by the way, I went to see Gnomeo and Juliette last weekend with my kids and I am wanting me a set of your pink flamingos!If you've seen the movie (It's pretty lame unless you're a kid) you will know that they are two of the characters in it!

  3. Those were my inspiration for getting them too. We also went to see the movie for my nephews birthday. I loved it.


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