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April 21, 2011

It's been sunny for three days in a row.

It must mean that it's time to change my hair color.  Not drastically.  Just a few color stripes, maybe a few blond streaks. 

I'm not quite sure yet.

In fact, I'm really never sure what exactly I'm going to do, until I have the bottle of color in my hand.  I do know that I'm not ready to get rid of the auburn color as a whole, yet.  But, I am ready to lighten up a bit, so I made a trip to my local beauty supply shop and grabbed a big tub of bleaching powder, jug of developer and a of deep, deep red/purple.  I think it will be my most epic hair job yet.  The younger went blond yesterday.  She'll be an Easter egg by Sunday.  Don't think I'll be going quite that far, but my mad skills will shine, no doubt.

I haven't always had mad skills though.  I can remember one time, when I was fourteen, I wanted the red out of my hair, so I bought a box of Ash Brown.  EPIC FAIL!  My hair looked like someone had taken an ashtray and shit green paintdust, then rubbed it into my hair.  I of course did this on a Sunday night so I had to go to school the next day with shit green/gray streaked hair.  I wouldn't care now, but at fourteen, total suckage.  Another EPIC HAIR FAIL, was when my hair was super blond,I mean looked like I had been scared until my hair turned white, blond,  and I wanted to go deep dark burgundy.  Well little did I know that some punk kids had been in the store at an earlier time and spent some time changing hair color bottles around, switching them from box to box.  The color I wanted and thought I bought, was Chocolate Cherry, it was beautiful.  By the time I realized that it was the wrong color, I already had half the bottle in my hair, so I just threw caution to the wind and went with it.  The color I ended up with?  Hot Tamale.  It's kind of an orangish color with some hot red thrown in.  I love the color.  Normally.  But with my toe headed color, it turned a horrible mixture of fluorescent orange and dago pink.  As beautiful as it sounds, it was violently vomit inducing.  I made my hair black later that day. 

Not a bad track record though, so now, I'm off to change my hair.  Again.
Have a rockin' Thursday,

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